The Other End of The Scope


Normal Times




Friend, Sniper, Guns


it is about a man who is a normal guy to the rest of us but unknown to normal people and the normal cops he is the reason that some murder cases is never solve as he is living the life as a hit-man just not anyones hit-man but the hit-man for the NTA who finds him targets, gives him the guns and of cause the cover as a normal guy who works at the local mall as security guard. He kills guys normally to hard to find or to hard to get to by normal police and FBI and he is the best of the best while living the normal life with his wife. One day his quiet life is getting ruined by 2 big problems. 1. a former best friend has joined the other side of the scope 2. the single person in his life that matters is take prison by the 5 deathliest people in the world which will be a match even for him and his skills.
See you around