The Blind Girl – Chapter 5 – An New Home Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
“I hope to see you sweating when I get back and I will try to find something for you to get better faster together with some new bandages” Yi Chang said and he steps started to leave the room and fate in the birds singing. It left a awkward silence between Xiuying Chang and Jun Chen who was the first to break the silence “you heard him, I better getting started and you better rest” but before he could leave the room Xiuying Chang had grip his clothes with a shacking head she commanded him “I want to see the house first no matter how much pain” some not understandable words came from Jun Chen but Xiuying Chang raised her voice but kept it kind “Today, please” and before she could say more the sword clacked against the floor and two hands took her gentle in her right hand and shoulder to get her up. Xiuying Chang could feel the pain grow and she had to bite her lips hard which almost was bursting when she finally got on her two legs. “Thanks” she replied with a smile before she almost fell back to the bed if not for Jun Chen. In crazy set of movements they appeared to be doing something like dancing before standing close like two tulips in the wind. Xiuying Chang could feel how Jun Chen eyes watching her everywhere and the pain in her body disappeared. She wanted to return the favor by kissing him but before her lips could find him, they were meet by his and Xiuying Chang felt like she were flying but soon gravity took over and she landed back in the bed with Jun Chen with the pain building up making her scream. Jun Chen moved away from her as fast he could but the damage was done and the bandages started to get more and more red. “It hurts… IT HURTS…” Xiuying Chang screams loud before her mouth is covered by a gentle hand. “I am so sorry for the pain and the hand” Jun Chen whispers to her ear and his gentle voice calms her down but still her body is still full of pains. “Lay still and please don’t scream, I will check your injuries and do what I can but please don’t scream anymore” Xiuying Chang does her best to do as told but the fingers of Jun Chen on her skin started to build up the pain again and soon tears started to run down her checks. Jun Chen could see the pain in her eyes and at the tears making the floor wet while the blood made the bandages more and more red. He was focusing all his senses at her than he did not notice the man in the door watching them but quickly he felt the eyes. He pretended to be focused on her when his eyes search the floor for the sword. “Where is it? I need it now” he thought to himself while trying to focus on making his movements look natural so the watcher wouldn’t know about his search. Finally he got an eye on it but to his fear it was near a part of Xiuying Chang body which didn’t have any visible injuries so he knew to get it, he had to be fast but before he could think of a plan the watcher moved against them and in the next second he was kneeling at Xiuying Chang’s body with a knife in his left hand . The position didn’t give Jun Chen many seconds to act so he jumped at the man over the body of Xiuying Chang and by pure luck he did not hit her and was able to grasp the sword on the way. He held the sword against the throat of the stranger who had not had any chance to defend himself. “Calm down youngster, I am just here to help” a gentle dry voice spoke almost like Yi Chang but it wasn’t him. “Let go of the knife and I might let you leave this place alive” Jun Chen replied with the meanest voice he could as he did not take any chances. The stranger didn’t move a muscle “I am sent by Yi Chang, took take care of her” he replied with the still gentle and calm voice. Jun Chen was about to yell again but the old man continued “and it looks like you need some help too” Jun Chen got confused before he got a pain in the hand grasping the sword and with one eye he watched the blood dripping from the shaft and his hand as he had been so focused on defending Xiuying Chang that he hadn’t had time to notice he had hurt himself and was bleeding. “Now if you please, would you be kind to remove it” but before Jun Chen had a chance to react he was already on the ground with the old man “I see, what Yi Chang meant that you needed more training” then he removed the sword from Jun Chen hand and started to put on some kind of flowers before covering the bloody mix with some bandages. As he were done he removed himself from Jun Chen who quickly started checking the bandages before nodding at the stranger “I am sorry I doubted you, my lord? Friend of Yi Chang”

The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
As they got closer more people started to show up on the road they were following and Ling Wang knew it would be a bad idea to say anything about the attack at her home or she might start a panic which was not needed as the emperor had a big army which would be able to defend them. The wall have grown bigger and it was possible to see a gate in the wall now where people was lining up to get inside the town as the guards was checking if they were allowed to enter the place. The pain in her belly was getting better so she was seating on the horse so it would look normal and her bandages was had been changed too. Suddenly Jiahao stopped the horse and whispered “Stay here, do not make a move or sound and I will be back after done the paper works” Ling Wang just nodded and soon he walked away from them and over against two guards who was doing nothing. Ling Wang watched before focusing on keeping the horse in control. In the meantime was Jiahao arrived at the soldiers. “I am Jiahao Wang and I have a important message for the emperor” he started quiet and gentle which made the soldiers looked at each other at first and then looked stupid at him “Who is that, and why are you not in the line like the rest” one of them replied and Jiahao looked at be angry at them before he replied “I am Jiahao Wang and I have a important message for the emperor” with a more focused voice. The soldiers just shacked their head and pointed on the line “Go to the line like everyone else” they continued. Jiahao looked up at the sun for a moment before returning to them “I don’t have time this” and then he started searching for some proof of who he was so they could come trough the gate fast but before he could finish, one of the soldiers pushed him “Go to the line now, you cannot just jump the line because you feel you are important” That was stupid and Jiahao had to focus his mind to not be yelling at the guards. “For the last time… I am Jiahao Wang and I have a important message for the emperor so please let me in”
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The Blind Girl – Chapter 3 – The Old Man Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
“Where am I?” She started trying to make the mind focus on present instead of the horrible past. She could hear Jiahao Wang get himself together before he answered “in the forest not far from where you was attacked by those soldiers, which I saved you from and if I may ask, why were they after you?” Ling Wang had wanted to know what had happened to them but his question had surprised her as he didn’t feel like the person who would just rush in and save a girl he didn’t know who was. She was about to answer his answer but he continued “In case your mind wants to know what happened to your attackers, then they are all dead as they attack me after I tried to come between them and you so your story has to be good” Ling Wang turned confused while on the same time horrified as why would he know more than the story she had just told him but she decided it was best to do what he asked so she started slowly. “I woke up this morning like any other day before getting dressed and running out to train with a sword I found in my father closet around the time he left.” She held a break as tears ran a bit while her chest hurted because of the injuries and then continue “I trained to make my parents proud of me as I felt like I was a burden to them and” “Your parents never watched you as a burden as they loved you more than life itself or rather they did last time I knew was them around your birth, now continue and I am sorry to break your story” Ling Wang did not know what to say except continuing as he told her to. “Well, I was disrupted by a servant who wanted me back him because my mother had fallen but I believed that it was a way of getting me home as it started raining and wanted to stay on the hill and train while waiting for my father. Suddenly arrows started to fall around me and I froze which made the servant take me and run me home but on the way he was hit and I was in the mess of the town full of scared people screaming and in panic. Luckily another servant found me and got me home where my mother had packed a horse and I was put on it while she stayed behind. I tried to return to her but they closed the gate and the soldiers you killed started following me and then I ended up meeting you” tears ran fast as she stopped her story and she felt the old man hold around her to make her feel better. “I know it was hard to tell me the entire story, but don’t you feel better now than before you did” Ling Wang was too sad to answer but nodded anyway to accept his idea. The we’re close for a long time or it rather felt like it before suddenly Ling Wangs belly rubbled “You most be hungry after no breakfast or time to eat doing the escape and now it is almost midnight” Ling Wang nodded again and soon she could smell bread which she eat gentle but still quite fast. It was bit dry but she didn’t mind at all as it was food. “Thanks” she managed to say between the bites and Jiahao Wang just laughed for the first time since they meet and the mood between them became better. While she eat she could him prepare the horse and wondered why they would go before it hit her, he would help her go to the emperor’s palace of course.

The Blind Girl – Chapter 2 – Bloody Meeting Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
In the meantime in a forest not far from there things look very differently and far less good that it did at Ling Wangs place as here her father. Xiao Wang is preparing for might be his most important fight every as he is all that stands between a evil warlord and the road though Jingdu to the emperor’s palace in Beijing. So far he have kept them at bay by agreeing to a fight between him and the warlord while he has in secret sent away some of his men to warn the town and the emperor about the imminent danger so they maybe can save the town before his fight will be over. The rain is falling down like arrows hitting anything in it’s path and the impact looks like blood and lightnings is the only light in the sky. Xiao Wang puts his helmet on and take a shield in one hand and a sword in the other and starts walked between his men who yells louder and louder as crosses the path of more people before he exits the forest and goes into an small circle formed opening where on the other side also is noises coming form the evil warlord’s army

The Blind Girl – Chapter 1 – The Girl Part 3

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ning Wang looked at him and knew she had crossed the line to see the fireworks so started to cleaned up the mess she had made while Jiahao Wang walked out of the bathroom and into the living room while still looking very seriously. Jiahao Wang thought to himself that this was the first time she would go to bed where they were not friends so he started top think of an idea of how he could get the good mood back and suddenly his eyes turned from the serious look to a happy one as he remembered that her mother had been like that too in that age and it had helped to tell the family story and this time he would tell as two stories as the story was long so she could not hear it all in one night anyway. But now she had to brush her teeth and clean the mess up first before he would announce that he would give her a bedtime story while she could watch the fireworks outside.
The time flew a bit while he waited for his girl to enter the living room but as the toothbrush finally stopped sounding, he hear the door closed and small steps going to her bedroom instead and the living room like he had expected as she always came to say good night no matter what had happen. Slowly he stood up from the chair and quietly walked to the walking closet in the hall and took down an old case down. He opened the case, it had ancient sword in it but it was still sharp, he took it out and swung it a few times before whispered “I am going to tell your story tonight, please help me not turn her into her mother” and then he hurried packing it away and slowly walk towards the door to Ning Wang’s bedroom.