The Blind Girl – Chapter 6 – White Lotus Part 1

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Xiuying Chang was the first one awake after a good night sleep which she had for about 14 days since the stone mason had finished the tombstone and she had learned how to find the local grave place so she could pray for them every morning and today was not any different. She stood up, got dressed and started finding her way to the temple. As she got out of the house, the air felt different from other days but it had been hot the past week so guess it was just rain which waited for the chance to get as much wet as possible so she started walking through the almost empty streets. It was all quite on her way, too quiet perhaps but she didn’t mind as she had to say good morning to her parents and tell them about her plans for the day. Suddenly a pair hands grabbed around her and pulled her from the road, she tried to scream help but before she could react a hand covered it. “I am sorry” the voice said and Xiuying Chang knew it as the stone mason and started to fear the worst from last time she had been alone with him. She tried to get free from his hands but he just held her tighter. “Relax, I am not going to hurt you… actually I am protecting you” he didn’t managed to say more before voice of soldier started screaming commands flew to the air before explosion covered it all. Xiuying Chang tried get her focus back after the explosion and could soon feel her eyes fill up with tears but the mason’s hands was still covering her mouth so she could not scream. “Please be quite, I am trying keep you safe” suddenly another explosion hit and this time Xiuying Chang blacked out. She woke up to people screaming and the hands of the mason being soft. She tried to find his head but started to scream loudly when she found it covered it some liquid which only could be blood.