Software & Service

Welcome to my “old” software & Service reviews
As told on the review page I have decided to focus on my novel series instead, but if something comes to my attention I will of course review it.
I know some people will say it is hard to find a difference between software and service reviews, but to me the difference is if something is running on a website mainly, but still have apps it is a service while if it is only an app or software it is software. I have connected those two in one list (two before) and the only thing that shows if it is service or software is how I write it in the first line after the picture.
Here is a short top 5. Over software and services I like to use for everything.

  1. Headspace for meditation
  2. Ulysses for writing
  3. Forest for focus
  4. Yoink for file keeping
  5. WaterMinder for drink water

Service & Software reviews

Below you find a table of my Software & service reviews sorted by name with creator and link to the review as I found the menus getting to long if I was linking to them all that way.

Name Creator
Airbnb Airbnb inc
Anti-Malwarebytes Malewarebytes
Atom Editor Atom Editor
Bear notes Shiny Frog
Better Blocker
Blogo Blogo, Inc/td>
Bloom – Colouring Book Brainbow
Brain.FM Brain.FM
Carrot apps Carrot apps
Doulingo Doulingo
Droplr Droplr
Duplicati Duplicati
Flowstate Flowstate
Forest Shaokan Pi
Headspace Headspace
Jottacloud Jottacloud
Lastpass Lastpass Inc
Life Cycle Northcube AB
MakeMKV GuinpinSoft inc
Memosnag Memosnag
Newton CloudMagic, Inc.
PDF Expert Readdle
Pigment Pixite LLC
Pinner Sam Oakley
Pixelmator Pixelmator Team
Pocket Read it latter, Inc
PopClip Pilotmoon
Resilio Sync Resilio
Share The Meals United Nations
Shazam Shazam Entertainment Ltd
Sleep Cycle Northcube AB
Spiir Spiir
Spotify Spotify
Streaks Crunchy Bagel
Tayasui Sketches Tayasui
Tinycards Doulingo
Transmit Panic Inc
TripMode Paddle
Ulysses Ulysses gmbh & co. kg
WaterMinder Funn Media Automattic
Workout Crunchy Bagel
Yoink Eternal Storms

See you around