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Doulingo, Tinycards


If you are very fond of flashcards but don’t want to pay lots of money for an app or service then go ahead and look up Tinycards from the same creators of Doulingo which is amazing as it allows you to do all you need with flash cards. (I have what I need at least) As you can use it everywhere you like just like Doulingo. You can use it for learning everything as even Doulingo focuses on language then Tinycards don’t so every subject is able for you and if you miss some then create them yourself which you either can show the world or make them private. I really find myself at home in the app after using Doulingo a lot. Guess the only thing missing now is a platform where you can learn more than just languages with the help from the community


  • Simple app
  • Create flashcards
  • iOS, android, web
  • Goals and rewards
  • Sharing


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