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Are you sometimes looking for an easy way to save all your research for a certain subject and makes lots of bookmarks in your browser for that which makes you even more confused when you go back to read them. Then look no future if you use google chrome then you have a fantastic simple app that allows you to save anything form videos to websites and even small parts of text if need. I had this app for a while back when I was looking for a place to sync all my bookmarks and I was like nah, not so good so I asked my account to be delete before I discovered that this app was what I was looking for in a research app as it worked in Chrome + had apps for iOS that I needed so I jumped back in and started using it and so far I have only made three links in there but I see now what it is use for. I cannot wait to use it to all my idea collections. The app even accepts your own photos and text so it just works with all your things. The only bad thing about iPad app is no landscape mode but other than that then simple and great. Before I will take you to my good and bad list then I need to mention it has sharing and private mode so you can share your collection with others or keep it all to yourself.

What I like

What I don’t like


  • Simple app
  • Free forever (they say that)
  • iOS, android, google chrome and web
  • Great support
  • Share or private


  • Sometimes a bit sticky on chrome but works so not that bad
  • No landscape mode for iPad but the creator will look into it

See you around