Review of Create iPad Pro 9.7inch



Cover and keyboard in one




I just brought an Create keyboard form Logitech as my old Bluetooth keyboard form Belkin started acting weird like it would not connect or write even it had full power and I think it was something with my iPad pro as it still works fine on my old iPad. Anyway the review is not about that but my Create so let start. All the words I have been writing here today have been written on it and I love how the keyboard works and the size of the keys is good even the enter bottom looks normal. one of my favourite things about it is that I do not need to think of power for it as it is connected with the new smart connection that apple have made and so far I do not feel like the iPad is using too much battery because of the extra use. I also like that it just works and have light between keys so you can hit them better. It also have room for my pencil which I was a bit worried about losing when going somewhere and it is fine but not the best as it feels wield of closing it but other than that then it is way better than Apples version of an smart connection keyboard. It is even cheaper than the one from Apple, so glad I did not brought the apple one while I was in the UK where I got my iPad Pro. 5 out of 6 stars as all is good except the closing with pencil inside.


  • Bottoms on places with iPad bottoms so you do not need to try press between the cover
  • The keyboard feels good to write on (used it for this review)
  • Feature bottoms for light in keyboard, change language, sound, playback, lock, search and home bottom
  • smart connection so no charging
  • room for apple pencil


  • Feels a bit weird when closing the cover with pencil in it
  • Does not cover all of iPad

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