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Better Blocker

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I have been looking for an adblock that works well with safari on my mac and iOS devices without having it to be different companies and monday I feel over this tiny app which just works and dont have any annoying stuff like some of the others have like fx a smiley at play button on videos or not being developed anymore or being sold to some company who needs to earn money and that is why I love this one as it is two people making an app for you and they are doing it so it works and not for the shake of money for it even that the apps cost a bit but I surely wants to pay for it as it just works. The app itself is just an adblocker with real people behind it so write them every time their app is having the smallest problems so they can make it even better. The app have cloud sync so if you ever need to disable it on certain sites you can be sure it does it on all sites but they prefer you tell them instead so they can make the app even better. Sorry  I said that a lot, but really feel like that wanna make the perfect app even they are just two people. So far I have not found a page it does not work on except youtube movies but guess that is normal.


  • Cheap
  • Just works
  • No new popups telling you, use Adblock (so far)
  • Fast


  • Safari only, but like it anyway

See you around