Review of Anti-Malwarebytes


App Versions:

Andriod, Windows, Mac

App Release:

2.2.1 (windows)


Anti-virus protection that works



Known from:

Anti-maleware, Anti-Exploit, Endpoint Security


Normally I would not review an anti-virus program but after what it did to my parents desktop I felt I needed to as it was so wonderful in that progress that I have to share it. Let us begin, my mom called because she was having problems with their computer so I started up teamviewer and took a look. At first I tried to see if I could get the problem to get there again and it got there quickly so I searched the computer with their anti-virus who said that nothing was there but I could see it was so I searched for Anti-maleware which I have been using for some years now but still have not found a lot with it so I tried to install it but the virus stopped it so I tried their Chameleon version which is the same just doing it hidden for the virus and soon it had found them all 66 viruses which was removed and then the computer worked like new and the way it had been acting I was thinking of clean installing it. So thanks a lot to anti-maleware bytes for this great software and all that was done with the free version but I brught it years ago before it got yearly payments which I think I might switch to sometime. The software is very simple to use as you can just press scan but you can also make schedules of scaning and updates but only on pro.


  • works quickly and fast
  • have hidden ways of running even on infected PC
  • fast and simple


  • sometimes blocking sites without reason but that is very rare

See you around