Novel Ideas

Everything you find here is ideas which might be future novels from my hand or novels which never sees the light.
You cannot find my old versions of Beyond Love Existence anymore as they are grown into the 6 pages and covers you find under the menu novels –> Beyond Love Existence Series but I can tell that there used to be three ideas and already then wanted them to include time travel just could not find out how to connect them.
As a little note then the ideas is here in their latest version so some is not completed written down or maybe described as movies as I wanted them as movies until I found the mood to write novels instead. I have made note by adding an Old/New column so you can read my latest ideas in case you want to see my mind progress but my mind is on my novel series at the moment so they are all old.

Name Old/New
02-28 massacre Old
5 Tasks Old
Artifact Old
Asian Dynasty Old
Awaken Old
Beginning of The End Old
Biometric Robots Old
Dino versus humans Old
Dino World Old
Dream Father Old
Dreamland Old
Fire and water Old
Four Dragons Old
Future or present Old
Ghost Cop Old
Ghost Feelings Old
Hell child Old
Hero of the Past 1 Old
Hero of the Past 2 Old
Kid of Enemies Old
Last Gatekeeper Old
Light vs Darkness Old
Little Monsters Old
Love and Dancing Old
Love Between Enemies Old
Love in Virtuality Old
Love of Revolution Old
Love On The Battlefield Old
Minds Newest
Mirrorwar Old
Misplaced Old
Moment We Had Old
Parallel Old
Planet Love Old
Siblings Old
Sister vs Brother Old
Sisters In Time Old
Spots Old
Sunshine Over The Empire Old
Switcher Old
Sword of Corruption Old
Tech town Old
The Fire/Stone Worms New
The Other End of The Scope Old
The seventh day of the seventh lunar month Old
The Stone Old
Three Kingdoms Old
Triangles Old
Tripple Soul Old
Universal Love Old
War against Romance Old
War of the Dragons Old
White Lotus Old
Year of Love Old
Zheng He Old

See you around