Future or present


Normal Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Start Over


It Is about about a guy who his life like anybody else but at the time we will meet him in the book his has started to find see the future for longer and longer time and slowly it makes him forget old things so instead of remembering things he is starting to see the future and that is all right for him as his life has been bad until then and one day he sees a vision of a girl and finds out it is the girl he is in love with and because he can see the future he knows what will happen at every date and stuff like that until he can see so much in the future that he can see that she will leave him because he cannot remember who she is so he tries to find away to change that and by accident rans into n old man who has foreseen than he will enter the apartment and that he knows the way of preventing the lost of his love but to prevent it, he needs to remember his old and sad life as the thing which will save him is buried in his past as his parents are none other than the devil and an fallen angel which is the reason he has the gift as his mother loved him and her father hated him. He fights a lot of things before he finds the thing, he wants but now he need to make a choice, do he want his life like the old man or do he want to repeat in all without his gift.
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