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Adventure, fatasi, dead, alive, love


The story is about a boy who had no life in this world so he was very sad but one day he heard about a dreamland which you only could enter if you had imagination and the boy had that so he could get there even it was hard to get there as you had to swim without air and just get to the place. The boy came to the place but it was not like he thought it would be and soon he feel love with a beautiful Asian girl with the love for weapons and she did not say a word as the boy later found out that the place was rule for evil people who did not want new people place so the Asian girl learned him to tried him but he cut himself a bit with the swords and had to leave the place because the place did not have hospital so when he came home all he could think of was this asian girl and he tried to bring his parents to the place but because they had no imagination they could not see the town or beautiful girl as they had no imagination which make them think that his cut was because he was sick so he locked him at the hospital hoping he would be better with time and in the hospital he made a friend and together they escaped but the parents knew where he was going but still he managed to get to the place just to find out that his parents was the one who not wanted people to the town and they had made the hospital give him something to make it hard for him to imagine the place again and he was sad until he found a scarf from the girl who from the other tried to make him imagined from the other side which make him smile and at the end of it a little knife and he did not understand how he could battle the parents with it until he remembered that they had no hospital at the place which meant the knife was for him not the parents and as he walked over to his former parents he could see their once happy face turning to fear and before they could bring him back he was on the other side of the imaginary wall being with his love that he always knew that was his forever now. The end
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