Dream Father


Normal Times




Adventure, Finding your father, Mother getting married again


The story about a girl, who is leaving alone with her mother as her unknown father leaved them as her mother was pregnant so they only have each other and the mother. The days in school is hard full of teasing and making fun of her and it is really hard for her to live. One night, she start dreaming a weird dream where she looks at her mother bring pregnant and she is not watching it form her eyes but some one else, the next night a new dream is weird and she gets the feeling that it is something that has happen so the next day she ask her mother about it without telling the dreams she is having and is surprised when she find out the things fits on her father and then form now on the days is just the time between each time she will know something new about her father. Suddenly a dreaming is showing an airport with the date of the day today and she is not sure if it is because she wants to dream it or not but she decides that nothing can be more hard that the life she lives at the moment and go after him to find out about him and why he leave them. She packs hidden for her mother and one day she leaves a note telling that she is going after him because she think she knows where he is. Following the dreams she have at night and travel by day she is hunting an person she not know and only have a name and photo of for 20 years ago and soon she is out of money to travel for since her mother is trying to stop her since she think she have gone crazy and that she is run away instead. But she gets help and other things and manage to find the plane where he is on and comfort him with it right away, making him standing confused in front of her until she shows a photo of her mother and then he start crying and is about to tell her a lot of things before she is caught by the stewards since she have travelled under false papers is wanted around the world because of his mother. He visit her in jail and manage to get her out because he is a layer and then they spend some time before they splitting up since he has a family and cannot leave them for her and her mother but he will be there for her and help her with money form now on. She comes home and the first that happens when her mother she is that she is about to hit her for leaving her but an arm stops it and it is her father who is there and telling that she shall not hit her since she could just try to find him too so they could have been better form a start and then they hugs the three of them and the father suddenly ask how she found him and she just answers that is my secret.
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