Dino versus humans


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Adventure, Good vs Evil, Dino vs Humans


The story is taking place in a solar system with 2 twin planets, which is almost the same except one thing. One is full of humans while the other is full of dinosaurs and the two species have been fighting an never ending war for as long as anyone can remember but a few dinosaurs and humans are living together in peace and harmony. Together they pray for the coming of a strong and fearsome leader know to them as the mighty Lazarus who will united the two species and make the two worlds a better place for all. In the meantime, a strong army of each species is making ready for the final attack to claim both planets under one ruler. In a space shuttle a 15 year old boy have gained the trust of humans and dinosaurs, he is the Lazarus they look for. The evil that started the war between dinosaurs and humans know where and who Lazarus is. Lazarus space shuttle gets attack and most of the crew on the ship dies including his father and mother but the father manage to tell him the story about who he really is and where to go. He go there and the war between humans and dinosaurs begins between the two lords but suddenly Lazarus attack with an army between the mix of the two races which kills a lot of dinosaurs and humans but he make them stop by killing the evil control people and soon humans and dinosaurs is friends. When Lazarus tells them about the evil, they join a front together against the evil which private army is made of the death form the battles that have been there for so long. It seems impossible to win over the huge army but a small group lead by Lazarus gets to the palace of the evilness. The group except Lazarus gets killed inside the palace and when Lazarus finally gets to the great hall of palace of the evilness, he is all alone and a fight between him and the evilness, T-Rex, he win the fight.
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