Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting

The sun started raising up from the Sea of dreams surrounding Isle of man and soon it hit the trees in the forest near Shinobe. It had been a cold night full of stars and even a full moon so the sun quickly gained in power and its warmth started to go from house to house in Shinobe. Soon the heat reached the general’s house but he was not home as he was out training with most of the men from the town. Instead was Xiuying Chang’s home together with her mother Lan Chang and their servants. As only child of Xiao Chang and Lan Chang, Xiuying Chang was very boyish and even her mother had done many things to make her a real woman three things was making it really hard. First of all was Xiuying Chang not other women as she did not care about the way her hair looked or how her clothes were as long they was making her free. Secondly she was very boyish in nature as her father has always wanted a boy so she had tried a few things only boys did normally but the third thing ruined most of it.  She were blind and had been since birth so many things has been hard for her. Luckily for her then her parents had lot of servants who could help her with everything but it also had a bad side as who would marry a blind woman which was why Xiuying Chang still had not married even she had turn 21 last month


The sun raised up behind the mountains as it had done many times and nothing in it’s light knew what groundbreaking day it would so the birds was singing and the sun was all alone on the sky. Ling Wang woke up as she felt the warmth hit her but she did not look out of the windows like many others would have done on this beautiful day as she was blind and even she liked the warmth form the sun, she preferred the rain as the drops of rain made her feel far more alive. Ling Wang got dressed which was a new thing for her as normally she would have been getting help from the servants of the family but lately she have been having more feelings with herself and had learned to get dressed by herself. It had started after the day her father, general of the north, Xiao Wang and the other men had left the town to go out training themselves where she had found herself in her parents room which was normal even for her but a power she could not described had forced her hands to open the doors of her father’s closet where she have found a sword she did not knew about even that her father had told her about his swords and other weapons before. As she had touched it a power had filled her body with energy and she had gotten the feeling that she wanted to train with it even she had never done anything like that before. The first days she had cut herself and she had to make up stories so the servants and her mother did not know that she was training with a sword as her mother was very scared of weapons as they had once made a great friend lose his wife in the hands of an evil man. This was one of the reason the men was always somewhere else to train instead of the town as Xiao Wang wanted to keep her from the nightmares that followed the weapons. This was why Ling Wang also was confused on why the sword had been in her father’s closet and why she did not know about it. Ling Wang took the sword from under her bed as she had prepared herself and then slowly she started to sneak out to her favourite place where she hoped her father would find her first so he could she how good she have become with a sword on her own. She walked from house to house trying to avoid as many people as possible before she exited the town before almost running the last way. As she got to the hill with a small tree outside the town, she could feel that the wind had taken the warmth from the sun and that it sooner or later would start to rain but she did not mind it at all. She started to swing her sword and soon her favourite noise came, the rain against the rocks around her and she focused for a second before she pointed the edge of the sword to the west and as she was stretched to her limit without taking a step the first drop hit the edge of the blade before millions followed and soon she was wet every place of her body and she started to dance with the sword like it was a dance partner and the rain was the music they were dancing too. Soon the wind joined the music too so the rain drops was harder to heard but still there plus they did not land as simple as before. It gave a set in her when a mighty thunder roared in the sky above her as she was used to that thunder came before rain but the lightnings started to cut thought the rain drops like her sword. She was not scared of the thunder so she just continued her training like she had planed it while waiting for her father. In the meantime in a forest not far from there things look very differently and far less good that it did at Ling Wangs place as here her father. Xiao Wang is preparing for might be his most important fight every as he is all that stands between a evil warlord and the road though Jingdu to the emperor’s palace in Beijing. So far he have kept them at bay by agreeing to a fight between him and the warlord while he has in secret sent away some of his men to warn the town and the emperor about the imminent danger so they maybe can save the town before his fight will be over. The rain is falling down like arrows hitting anything in it’s path and the impact looks like blood and lightnings is the only light in the sky. Xiao Wang puts his helmet on and take a shield in one hand and a sword in the other and starts walked between his men who yells louder and louder as crosses the path of more people before he exits the forest and goes into an small circle formed opening where on the other side also is noises coming form the evil warlord’s army. The soldiers around him started to yelled louder to make the evil warlord’s army sound like nothing even it was way bigger and that they knew their leader was their only chance of getting out of the town alive. The other lord entered the circle and all turned quiet except for the rain against the leafs and ground which slowly got more and more muddy. The man raised his sword high as a lightning ran fast over the sky and followed by a loud thunder behind it. Xiao Wang could see that there already was blood on the sword but he knew that he had not been attacked yet but before he could clean his mind the other lord yelled “Are you afraid of me, boy?” With a ice cold voice which made the rain feel like ice for a second. Xiao Wang wanted to yelled no but again before he could do anything the lord yelled again “Take a look at those heads” and without warning two head flew though the air from the side of the warlord and landed in front of Xiao Wang who almost turned into ice. Only his breath showed he was still there and the fear in his eyes had turned him into a easy target but the lord did not strike yet and just yelled again “Care to tell who the heads are to those who cannot see them, boy” Xiao Wang tried to open his mouth but no voice escaped so the lord just laughed loud and continued “Did you lose your tongue, boy?” Xiao Wang could feel the hate start to grow inside him because of the dead men and the lord’s way of calling him boy all the time even he was a grown older man. “Stop calling me boy” he suddenly yelled and ran against the lord with his full power but as he was about to strike the lord just moved his sword from the sky to the middle ground and blocked his attack like it was nothing and laughed again “Well boy, you was not an ice cube after all and when you does not want to tell it, then those heads are the two men, you tried to send away to the emperor, while you was going to fight me to give the emperor a chance” he held a break and then yelled again “Is that not right, boy?” Xiao Wang was worried what his soldiers reaction would be if or rather when he would answer. “Yes, it is true” he yelled loud making sure the whole forrest heard it “But that does not change my plans of killing you anyway” and then he used the blocked attack to gain more power and attack again which this time surprised the evil lord a bit but still he managed to block the attack. Xiao Wang attacked and attacked like there was no tomorrow and the evil lord just blocked his attacks instead of attack himself so the clanking sounds was only answered by the thunder in the sky which had started to move away from the battlefield leaving only the rain left. Suddenly the old lord attack back and gave Xiao Wang deep cut on his left shoulder making him almost drop the shield in pain but he did not give up and he started to think of his girls at home and who will protect them from harm now they were all alone. He started to dream himself away and to meeting his girls on the hill that he had agreed with Ling Wang to meet on. He were watching the play together from behind so only the black hair was showing so he ran against them and took a gentle grip in his little girl and turned her around to hug her but instead a dead head appeared and when he look again the entire area was either burning or already ash. He looked back at his child who opened his mouth and yelled “No dreams about family just yet” and he returned to the fight against the evil lord who had watched him dream away. “You are not allowed to dream about your family just yet” he repeated and almost teased against Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang felt the pain from the wo
und coming back as he returned to reality but he had no plans of giving up but he knew he had to act quick or the wound would make him lose and died perhaps. He looked at the evil lord and there was something about him that he remembered from a fight he and his master Jiahao Wang have had against a younger man. But he could not remember who and what was so special about the man or the fight so he focused on the present instead and started attacking again with his fresh sword arm while the wounded arm could relax with the shield. The evil lord just laughed at him and defended like he had done so far like it was him who was waiting for something. “You are never going to breach my defences, boy” he yelled and threw his shield away so he was only holding his sword in his hands. Xiao Chang could feel the pain in his wounded arm grow and knew that he dropped his shield too, the pain would ease and he would be able to attack harder so without answering the lord, he threw his own shield too and the fight turned into a pure sword fight. Xiao Wang could feel the power grow in him so he attacked quickly and hard which surprised the evil lord who tried to block with his sword but he was a second too slow and he was hit right under his left eye so he could taste blood in his mouth. “You are going to pay for this and you attack on my wife” the evil lord yell loud before spitting out some blood. it gave a set in Xiao Wang as now he knew where he had seen the man before and he was certain he knew who the man was. “You are…” he held a break to remember the name “You are… Shi Chen, the emperor’s brother who tried to take the power form him many years ago when your father picked him over you even you are the oldest of his sons” he answered with a bit of fear in his voice as he remembered that the only reason that he and his master Jiahao Wang had won years ago was because that they by accident had killed his wife as she had stepped in front of his attack to protect Shi Chen. “Yes, that is me and the three young generals on horses behind me are my children who watched you kill her” Shi Chen yell even louder before spitting out some blood again. “I have been training every since to revenge her for my kids and myself” he continued and wanted to say more but Xiao Wang blocked him and replied “No, she stepped in the way so there were nothing I could do prevent the accident” the words had just left his mouth when the three kids on horses yelled in one voice “Liar, killing him, kill him now father” Shi Chen looked at his kids for a second and replied with strength in his voice “I will, my dear kids, this boy won’t be found anywhere on this earth when I am done with him” and as he was done speaking the fight changed from being boring and slow fight with mostly Xiao Wang attacking to a fight as equals. The swords started to clank against each other and started to sound like a small thunder cloud. The rain was still falling heavy over the men and the ground was soon a muddy mess by all the movements in the rain. “You are going to die now, boy” Shi Chen yelled loud and attack with heavy power that Xiao Wang had to block the attack with both hands and to his surprise he managed to block so hard that Shi Chen lost control of his sword as it flew out of his hand and landed into a tree a few meters back. “Give me a new one” Shi Chen yelled loud but no one moved a muscle so Xiao Wang did not waste time to attack but Shi Chen was faster and soon back at the tree to get his sword again while yelling courses at his men and children who was not giving him a sword when he yelled for one. The swords started to clank again and soon the sky started to send lightnings across the sky again to give a bit of light while the thunder gave a bit of music. Xiao Wang felt he had the upper hand after he had been able to block the attack before so he started to fight harder without losing his focus. Shi Chen was still mad and had lost a bit of his focus on the fight but still he was the one who got the next strike at his opponent. “Got you now” he yelled and cut a mark in Xiao Wang’s left leg which was luckily for Xiao Wang was not deep enough to give problems but still the pain was there. They had been moving around in the circle lots of times and at the moment they were standing with their backs against the enemy. Suddenly an attack made a sword flew again and again it was Shi Chen who was defenceless and this time Xiao Wang got the upper hand as he ran to get the sword before Shi Chen could get it. He pointed both swords at Shi Chen like he was going to attack him and he charged against Shi Chen who could do nothing but just as the sword was about to reach him, Xiao Wang stopped and replied “Do you give up, my lord?” Shi Chen was surprised that Xiao Wang had stopped his attack so he could not answer but started to walk away from the swords and to the part of the circle where his men stood. Xiao Wang could see that Shi Chen was thinking so he looked at his men and held the two swords up like he was the winner which made the men scream louder than the rain and thunders together. He then turned his face and the swords against Shi Chen again “So do you give up, my lord?” He repeated and Shi Chen was opening his mouth to say something but instead his mouth filled with blood and he fell to his knees. Xiao Wang started to ran over to his opponent but only managed to take a few steps before he could feel something cold growing from his back and as his arms hit the area, he knew what had happen. He had been hit by an arrow and as he looked over at Shi Chen, he could see him lying dead on the muddy ground, also was hit which made no sense at all before suddenly a young laughing voice replied “Did you really think, we would let you live, killer” he tried to look up to see who was carrying the voice but the pain were too hard so he ended down in the muddy ground. A foot landed next to his face and some hands removed the arrow and turned him around so he could see the killer but it confused him even more as it was one of the kids. “You might be stronger than our weak father, but we have not waited 15 years of our lives to watched you get away again” Xiao Wang wanted to say something but his mouth was full of blood and mud so nothing except the air escaped. “We know it is weird that we killed our father too but we blame him just as much as you for the lose of her mother and now we will conquer the country which would be rightful ours” screams started to fill the forest and Xiao Wang knew what was happening and tried to dream away to his last time with the girls of his life but like the father did not want him to dream neither did the kid holding his life. “Don’t you dare dream away now, before knowing that we will take good care of your family by raping them again and again before burning them together with the town that betrayed my family” Xiao Wang closed his eyes knowing his time had come to an end but instead of just getting killed he was just putted down on the ground again. He thought he had died as the sounds around him was left to rain but the rain drops told him otherwise so he tried to open his eyes again but just as his eyes opened and watched the dark grey sky a face appeared laughing with no sound at all before the face turned serious and a knife appeared before he soon felt the cold again and this time he knew he was going to leave the living but he felt a power growing in his hand and he knew he had last attempt to help the people he were going to leave behind so he took a hard grip in the knife which had entered his chest and forced the hands holding it against the user instead and the face which had been laughing had changed from it seriously to a worried face before it started to scream but before he could know how much harm he had done, a sword appeared above his head and killed him instantly. “That stupid animal” an angry voice yelled loud while two others voices was laughing. A female voice replied “I told you to kill him instead of play with him, brother” The brother raised from the dead
body of Xiao Wang and pulled out the knife from his side like it was nothing before yelled “Medic” and a man came running from the army and started to look at the wound. “You will be fine, my lord” he managed to say before man took the knife and killed the medic instantly while replied “But you will not” making a few of the soldiers watching not know what they should do about themselves before an other man yelled “Soldiers attack the town Jiudu, and I don’t want anyone to leave the place alive except for the general’s wife” just as his commands had lift his mouth screams was hears from the many soldiers. He looks at his brother and replied “Get your mess fixed in my tent Gang Chen, we need to plan this right so no one will escape our revenge so you dear sister Ning Chen, please join us too” they look at their brother before nodding in one movement.
Back at Ling Wang the weather had been changing between heavy rain and light rain a few times so she was started to be a bit cold but she did not want to leave as she was sure here father was on the way home and soon would be here so they could walk together back to her mom. She went to the nearby tree to rest a bit when she heard some foot steps in the grass but before the person could introduce himself she replied “I am not going home now” and pointed the sword in the direction of the steps. The servant started stuttering “Your mom sent me, to bring you home” Ling Wang removed the sword and stood up and started training again as she expected the servant to go his way again but she did not hear any noise in the grass so she stopped her training again and looked directly in the direction of the servant who still was nervous about the sword but managed to continue speaking “your mom have fallen on the grounds back home so she wants to have you by her side” Ling Wang could feel there was something the servant was hiding from her but she did not mind as she was going to wait her to her father came home as they had agreed on before he left 6 months ago. Nothing was said between them when suddenly a weird sound was heard coming from the sky. Ling Wang could not hear what it was except she knew it was not a bird but before she could ask the servant about it, he had pushed and landed on top of her which was about to make her very angry but before she could yell a hand covered her mouth. “We need to leave now, the sound you just heard was an arrow” Ling Wang could feel herself slowly started to freeze so she could not move at all. “Get up now” the servant screamed but no matter how hard she tried she could not move and soon the only thing working was her breathing and tears which had started to form in her eyes. Suddenly she felt a hard grasp in her body as the servant had decided that he had to carry her back home. Soon she was on the back on the servant who started to move fast in the wet grass and muddy ground which made it all harder. As they came closer to the town Ling Wang could hear that the town had come to life she had been away and she heard a happy voice yelling “The men are home” over and over again and she try to make the servant stop even she knew inside that it was not her father and the men who was coming home. Suddenly the happy voice changed to screams as the sky started to get filled with the scary sounds of arrows she had heard on the hill not many minutes ago. He could feel the servant started to run in circles like he was trying to avoid them but it was to no avail as suddenly Ling Wang could feel an arrow go between her hairs and hit the servant right in the back and before she could prepare for impact she was in the muddy ground. “Servant, servant” she screamed but only screams of scared people returned which froze her even more to ice as she had no idea of where in the town she was so there were no way to escape or get home. Suddenly a hand took a hard grasp in her shoulder and moved her away quickly before speaking “Your mom is so worried for you, let us get you home now” Ling Wang new the voice as the oldest of her family servants who always somehow knew where to find her when she needed him. Ling Wang was about to tell about the dead of the other servant and how she had frozen so she not was able to move more but he had a magic touch on her as she could feel her legs again and they started to move as fast they could between the scared people who was still screaming and yelling. Ling Wang worried that they were going to get separated or worse killed like the former servant but nothing bad happened to them and soon they were home. As they got to the gate to the grounds, Ling Wang could hear a horse whinny and she knew something was going to happen but before she could call her mother Lan Wang, she got a big hug and the smells coming from the person could only be her mother. Tears started to rub down her cheeks like small waterfalls while no voice could tell her story and when finally her voice was about to return, a hand just covered it and Lan Wang replied “I know, Cherry, I love you too” they continue to hug until the servant who had transported her there broke in “it is time, my lady” Ling Wang could feel her mother slowly releasing her hug which she did not understand as they were together now so she tried to hold tight but as they were spilt her tears broke out again. Ling Wang could feel her mother’s fingers cleaning her eyes form tears before speaking “I know it is hard for you to understand but you are the lightest of us so you need to be the one who travels to the emperor’s palace and warns the emperor of the attack” the line was long enough for Ling Wang to have a million questions about anything from but when she was about to open her mouth her mother just put a finger on it and she knew there were no time to arguing or answers so she just nodded and tried to look proud like her father had wanted her to be. Without much talk Ling Wang was put on the horse but even that was hard on her mother and soon both where full of tears while Lan Wang tried to tell her where the different things were but her tears and crying made it hard for her to speak so she just moved Ling Wang’s hands over the things and when they touched a sword Ling Wang face turned weird as her mother knew nothing about her 6 months of training by herself but when she was about to ask she just quickly got the answer “I know my love” and then they touched a last time before the horse suddenly started moving and before any of them could say anything the gate was closed between them. Ling Wang could feel the tears running faster and faster and she did not want to ride away just yet and not without her mother so she tried to yell but her tears made it unable and when suddenly some laughing men were heard Ling Wang knew there was nothing to do other than being the message to the emperor. She turned away from the voices and put her head towards the horse and whispered “I wish you bring me to the emperor’s palace now” and as her words have left her mouth the horse had started to ride like a crazy and it was hard to see that the person on top was blind. Ling Wang did her best to hold a tight grip but falling off was not what worried her the most but rather what she should do to evil followers whose laughing was coming closer and closer. Ling Wang thought like crazy but her mind kept focusing on her mother and where her father might be in all of this, suddenly her mind remembered the sword and she turned around to grasp it which was not a second too late as her movement had made the first attack from her followers fail except for a few inches of hair which warned her of the danger she was in. “We got you now” a deep serious bruise voice replied which made Ling Wang smile for the first time since the attack as she knew that they didn’t know she was blind and to make sure they was going to stay in that way she yelled “I wouldn’t be sure about that” and then made a strike against the man who did not expect the speed of the girl and before he could reach and attack back his mouth started to fill with blood and he fell of the horse like a stone on water. Ling Wang froze as she found out that she had killed a man, her first but before she could think of anything about it the remaining followers announced their numbers and plans as they started yelling in mouth of each other. Ling Wang knew she had killed the leader of the group which would was both good and bad as in one way she had one less to focus on but on the other she now had to expect more random attacks and she knew she had to find a way of controlling it, then she remembered about the forest her father had told her about last time they had been having time together. There were only one problem about it, she had no idea of where it was to the place she was already so she had to keep fate in the horse.
Suddenly the horse turned away and Long Wang could feel the rain drops hit her less often and soon she heard bird songs too and she knew she was a forest now. Now she only needed to make the soldiers back off so she tried to think but changes in the wind made her know that swords were trying to strike her down and in a last second she moved away and heard the soldiers complaining about their missed changed and she knew it was her chance to get away so she held tight around the horse and commanded it to go faster and it started to pick up speed and she got farther and farther away from the noisy soldiers which made her smile again but just as she felt she had escaped the dangers and turned her back against her. Before she knew it she were on the muddy ground trying to breathe and figure out what was up and down. Her mind was all gone except for the word “failure” as she knew that if she did not get away now she would be killed by the soldiers and she would have failed her family. Tired and confused she started to hold herself together and accept her fate as she could hear the soldiers on their horses coming closer and how they were started to laugh loudly when they watched her laying they. Ling Wang tried to find the sword she had been holding seconds before the accident but it was nowhere to be found in the mud and instead she started to scream loudly when her hands touched the horse head which was a mess too after it had taken much of the damage. Ling Wang could heard the soldiers stepping on their horses and soon a sword was pushed against the rocks and her broken clothes held her from moving any further. She tried to break free but it just showed more and more of her bare skin and broken body which turned the soldiers more and more wild and they started to play with her in circles. The accident had made them know that she were blind and that she had no clues about her surroundings. Suddenly another horse was heard and Ling Wang feared that it was some leader who wanted to be her first so she gathered her last strength and run against one of the soldiers trying to get a grip of a sword or something she could end her life with but she almost blacked out going halfway there so she gave up and stopped move her body at all. But suddenly a calm gentle voice where heard “who owns this medallion?” Ling Wang was too tired to answer but tried anyway and the voice replied “is this true soldiers?” The soldiers looked at themselves and the old man who stood there unarmed with the medallion and without answering started to move closer to the old man who yelled but still calm “I am here to help you Ling Wang, don’t give up” Ling Wang tried to reply but her body was way to broken and tired so everything turned black and all the body hit the muddy ground with a splash. “Now you are all alone, old man” a solider yelled with a raised sword which the old man just closed his eyes and replied with a shaking head “no you are alone”