Biometric Robots


Future Times


Earth and space


Aliens, Robots, Virus, Zombies


The story is taking place in the future where we have learned to fuse our bodies with machines making the machines a part of us and us a part of the machine. When you have been tested in different ways you find out what kind of robots you can make as there is something in our genes that decide that and we do not know why yet. Of other things we have used the robots to leave planet earth and travelled against the stars and today is a special day as today we got our first contact to “Aliens” which we find friendly until they wipeout our main army by using a little bacteria which makes our soldiers eats their own friends and others around them making the once mighty army be destroyed and what worse is that the people who got infected is used as an army against ourself and is heading straight for earth. Unknown to earth or the alien have five young people survived the attack by having some gene so now it is up to them to defend earth by building the best of the best robot and defend the world. Well that is the idea for now but can feel that so many things will happen in it too like of cause love between two of the young people, a set back and finding the gene they have in people too so more people can defend against the aliens
See you around