Beyond Love Existence – Book 7 – Yin & Yang

Book 7 – Yin & Yang Cover

NOTE: everything below is not updated with characters and/or places yet, but will try to get it done soon

What? (Short version)

Heroine and her brother is sent back to earth as a new treat the world has appeared, the powerful void dragon who want revenge over her capture by the five dragons long long time ago and they are working good but loses the sword in their first attempt as they travel to another country where they see are women looking like heroine. The learn that the person they watched was the evil Doppelgänger of Ling Wang named Ōryū who is the void dragon. They train again as it been a while since last time so they train with the other dragons but is attacked by Ōryū but heroine and her brother escapes and because of the evil in her brother they have been angry at each other and arguing before they suddenly meets their grandfather heavy beaten and he trains them while they take care of him and after they travel to the island of gods as they need the five sculptures before Ōryū destroys them. They find them and they learn they can become dragons too but Ōryū breaks the power bond to make them dragons and sense one of them is evil. They start fighting and Ōryū gets the brother on her side and he had the real swords of gods all the time as he had been stealing it while they were in the other country while they arguing about what to do. She also gets the sculptures she wants so she can destroy the world for good. The two evil manage to beat the hero and grandfather but Ling Wang reawakens somehow and her family love that awaken her and she rush over to her grandfather to learn about the last sculpture of the purple dragon who will save them and he gives her the power he and the other dragons had before disappearing. She starts looking for the place where the island is but she cannot find it at first but soon hears about an island which have appeared and she knows it is the one but she decides to train her new powers first. She gets to the island and finds the place to dig when she is attacked by her five former masters and her grandfather doppelgängers. She beats them and start digging even faster for the dragon as time is running out but there is more traps. Then she search for the portal to the world where Ōryū is from but that is surrounded by people who looks and are her love ones just evil have taken over them and she takes a lot of beating before learning that how to beat and free her family on same time. She enters the portal where she is attacked by her brother who tries to defend his new master while she prepares to destroy the good world and replace it with her world. They fight in dragon form. He wins but as he walks over to Ōryū she just take it and pushes him away as she just used him. He gets crazy and decide to join the good side again and joins forces with her sister and starts fighting like a grey dragon instead to prevent Ōryū form leaving and blow up the universe. She breaks their powers but they expected that so while the brother hurt her with the sword of the gods, Ling Wang tries to mess up the sculptures which ends up breaking both universe and blacks out everything. Suddenly Ling Wang wakes up in her bed screaming like that 5 year old she is and her parents comes running inside and try to calm her down when they go crazy themselves as they notice as dragon like birthmark on her back but put her back to sleep as her brother wake up too. The parents leave and the two of them starts talking about a weird dream and goes crazy when they figure out they had same dream and is about to call their parents. But suddenly a familiar face appears the grandfather and tells them that it was no dream but because they broke time and space they managed to fix the problem with the void dragon and they were able to find family love as no matter how long it goes family love beats everything even existence which is why the series is called beyond love existence

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – Back on earth

Ling Wang and Wu Wang former Wu Liu wakes up back on earth, at first they are confused but soon their grandfather Huang Wang appears in his dragon form and tells the reason why they have sent to earth which scares them a bit and he hides something from them too

Chapter 2 – Yin & Yang

They start looking around in the capital Zuungai for the sword parts as their grandfather expected it to be there now and learns it is sent to some other country as a museum exhibits so they travels there but starts arguing a bit about as they are not agreeing on how to complete the mission that their grandfather have given them

Chapter 3 – The unknown

They travel a long way to the other country and start finding out how to get the sword in an easy way without creating to much attention but before they are able agree on anything. A woman looking like Ling Wang steals it and they chase after her but she disappears so they have to travel home without it

Chapter 4 – Last training

They travel back where they are getting the stick for not having the sword and that now Grandmaster Ōryū have it. They learn that the girl they watched was Ōryū who is the evil doppelgänger of Ling Wang which is why she looked so much like Ling Wang. They starts training again as it been a while since they last trained together with the grand father and the rest of the dragons.

Chapter 5 – The end of friends

Doing the night while they all are asleep they are attacked by Grandmaster Ōryū in her dragon from but Ling Wang and Wu Wang is not ready for the fight so the grandfather and the other dragons protect them while they escape as they hope they will get powerful enough to beat her in the end

Chapter 6 – What now?

Ling Wang and Wu Wang is trying to figure out what to do next as they are all alone in the world as the dragon gods is gone, they start trying to train again but they get more and more angry at each other because they feel the other is to blame.

Chapter 7 – The old dragon

Ling Wang and Wu Wang suddenly meets their grandfather Huang Wang who is beaten up and they starts taking care of him while he tells them how to train

Chapter 8 – The Island of Gods

The world is started to break down because Grandmaster Ōryū wants the power over it all so countries after countries are laid in ruins as she is searching for something. Our heros will go on a travel to the Island of Gods as they need the five sculptures before Grandmaster Ōryū destroys them and the temples

Chapter 9 – The new dragons

They finds the five statues which makes tell them about their power which is to create dragons and he starts the transformation of Ling Wang and Wu Wang into to dragons but Ōryū senses it happens. She attacks the place and manage to break the spell before they both are dragons and sense that one of them have evil in them.

Chapter 10 – The real sword

The heros fights against her the best they have learn but suddenly Ōryū manage to get Wu Wang over to her side as he is tried of being the second best when Ling Wang was the hero and she got to be a dragon before him which was why he had stolen the real sword doing the night there were at the other country and replaced it with a fake which is why Ōryū have not used the power yet as she was strong enough to beat the other dragons without it and only needed it for the golden dragon. She learns that what she was looking for is there too, the sculptures so she can destroy the world for good.

Chapter 11 – The last breath

The place is mess after Wu Wang and Ōryū leaves the screen after they have getting the sculptures and the powers to create dragons plus leaving Ling Wang and Huang Wang death. Suddenly Ling Wang opens her eyes while trying to breath. She learns it was family love that reawakens her. She finds her grandfather also awake but he has rejected taking too much of the love to make her stronger. She is sad for the mess and that he dies but he tells her that about the last sculpture “the purple dragon” and where she can find it to prevent the end. He died and his soul transfers into her and he disappears.

Chapter 12 – The search

Ling Wang start searching for The Island of Unknown as it is not on any map and she have not hear about it before. She wants to use her dragons powers to find it but worries that it will announce that she is alive to her brother and Ōryū. By pure luck she hears about a island appearing in an area which always have been plagued by storms and she knows it is there. But first she decide to prepare herself for the battle.

Chapter 13 – Friends or foes?

She gets on the island in on piece even the major storms still there but the action is far form over as she gets surrounded by people looking at her like she is a crazy person. She starts walking to the place where the purple dragon is buried but just as she is about to dig in the ground she is attacked and she finds that 5 dragons have surrounded her and it is not just any dragons but the 4 dragons is the former grandmasters and the 5 is her grandfather. She cannot find out if they are evil or not but then she can fell that they are inside her and those are evil doppelgängers so a crazy fight breaks out but she ends up winning

Chapter 14 – The purple dragon

She starts digging fast for the purple dragon as she has now used her dragons power and fears they will find her soon but nothing happens doing the digging and she finds it after beating some traps too.

Chapter 15 – The portal

Starts searching for the portal and learns it is near the broken temple of the void and she gets to the portal which does not seem guarded at all but suddenly all of her family appears and they are better copies than the dragons so she has a hard time knowing if they are her family while they attack her because every time they are done they look like they are force to attacking her. She takes a lot of beating before learning how to beat them without killing her family. She enters the portal to end this for good

Chapter 16 – Last chance

The world she comes to broken and destroyed in everyday but she does not have much time to look around before her brother Wu Wang appears and starts fighting her in his dragon form which he has gotten from Ōryū. The two fights in their dragon from as Ōryū suddenly appears there too as she wants the last sculpture so she can end the world. Suddenly Wu Wang beats his sister and brings the purple dragon sculpture to his new master who just take it and pushes him away while taking the dragon sculpture and form away form him. He gets really angry that he has been crossed by the evil and good so he pulls the sword of the gods to fight Ōryū but she just push him away and is about to leave the portal. He runs over to his sister trying to find out what to do to help her. Just a she has the first step outside the portal and grey dragon hand pulls her back inside which is the wang’s siblings mixed dragon as together they wants to beat her. A crazy fight breaks out but Ōryū is too strong and breaks their dragon form before but they were counting on that so while Wu Wang penetrates her with the real sword of gods with all peoples power in the world. Ling Wang connects the sculptures and breaks the universes and time itself.

Chapter 17 – Dream

Ling Wang wakes up in her bed screaming like the young girl she is and in comes her parents like mad men while they try to calm her down and says she has nothing to fear about but looks at her with a bit worried eyes when they notices a birth mark looking like a dragon on her back. Doing the chaos is Wu Wang waking up too as the parents leaves the room, thinking about the birth mark, the two of them talk about the weird dream they just had and gets crazy when they learns that they had the same dream but before they can call their parents, Grandmaster Tǔ appears and tells them that it was not a dream but because they broke time and the universe, they have fixed the problem in the first place, family love which is Beyond Love Existence. The true end.