Beyond Love Existence – Book 5 – The Defender

Book 5 – The Defender Cover

NOTE: everything below is not updated with characters and/or places yet, but will try to get it done soon

What? (Short version)

Our hero now gets back to her own time where there is still time to find out who the evils are as she is teleported to her grandfather’s funeral days before her mother gets the shop and even she is not born at that time she knows the story because as doing her first night of sleep she meets the ghost of him who tells about how he expect her time to be because he is worried that the evil crown prince have changed the time there too but the story evolves as expected just our hero needs to send the sword to her parents even she wants to hang on to it to keep it away from evil but because all has happen as her grandfather has predicted she does not want to change it. She slowly learns that she is the main reason her parents have not been captured by the evil force before her birth and she finds out that her parents believe they are related and evil because of the stories her grandfather told them and that the evil have tried to prevent them from giving birth to her but she cannot reveal herself just yet. As she knows the story she spends the extra time training for the fights she might have to do when they gets to her birth. One day a dragon appears and tells she has reach the level where he will train her what he can plus giving her the knowless the four dragons did not have time to tell her in the best. Soon the days arrives where she is born and she gets to fight and because of the dragon training she has no need for the sword so she fights and wins against the evil who is the father of her mother and her grand father who had learned about the sword which was why hero’s mother lived with her grand father while the mother died doing the escape from the mafia boss. The fight is hard and thought and end the end hero wins and is reunited with her family as the evil has no leader anymore so now no one knows what to to do.

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – Story repeats

She wakes up on the hospital and feels better and because no one knows who she is she is allowed to go but after walking a bit a true horror comes to her mind, where is the sword and the voice from her grandfather has disappeared so she just try to act normal in a world she have never been in

Chapter 2 – The Funeral

A few days learning brings her past a church and to relax, she goes inside and learns that her grandfather is going to be buried there but because she cannot see and she doesn’t know who her mother is she decided not to interfere and just pay the last respects to her grandfather.

Chapter 3 – Grandfather

Sad for losing the sword and bring alone in the world she is supposed to save some time in the future, she walks aimlessly around when suddenly she hears a voice she knows as her grandfather but he died in the past but it is him and he tells his secret about being the yellow dragon and he is there to help her

Chapter 4 – The museum

She starts learning how to live in the world with the help of the eyes of her grandfather and all is going good. One day they have to break into the museum to get the sword back and because she looks like her mother the police thinks it is her which is why the police officer later finds papers saying that her mother stole the sword instead of post office as she said

Chapter 5 – Return

Ling Wang needs to send the sword to her mother to prevent changes in the timeline but she fears that she needs it to protect them against evil later but grandfather promise her she will have it once she needs it again. As she have tried to send it her eyes suddenly opens for the first times and she can see

Chapter 6 – Parents?

The first time she sees them together is in the metro where she is the main reason that the mafia is not getting backup as she holds them of with her own fighting

Chapter 7 – Bond by blood

Later she gives blood to her future father as he is hurt from the fighting and he needs blood to survive and they have the same blood type and all.

Chapter 8 – The meeting

She learns about the meeting her parents will have with the police officer and knows that they will need her protection and she does her best and it hurts on her that her mother gets kidnapped and her father gets in jail so she tries to prevent it but she gets blind and injured again while she learns that the reason so have been blind was to protect her from knowing too much

Chapter 9 – help or helpless

She wants to help her father escape so much that she stays blind but because of her training she still attempts to save him but still fails and the yellow dragon tells her that it will be her death is she tries to hard and then she cannot save them. So she stops and slowly gets her sight back.

Chapter 10 – The travel

The yellow dragon tells her that nothing that will happen that she can change so she will have to go on a trip to so where she has been before. The Island of the gods and the five temples. He will make the transport there as normally it is very hard to get there

Chapter 11 – Remember

She gets to The Island of Gods and even lots have changed she still finds the places where the four grandmaster is waiting for her and she trains at them once more and this time the last grandmaster is there too as it was her grandfather

Chapter 12 – Five sculptures

As she is done the training the grandmasters have a last request as she will need to find five sculptures of the five dragons which will test her if she have learned to used the powers of them and she hunts them done and finds them quickly in the area. Then she travels back to Zuungai to take the fight to the evil mafia boss

Chapter 13 – In the heart

They gets to the private hospital the mafia boss owns so it is full of armed forces as they are expected her father to save her mother but even he have been there there is still crazy many people. Before she enters the golden dragon has a talk with her where he says bye because he does not want to give his powers to the evil like he did in the timeline with her brother but says he will always be in her heart. They agrees it is the best and then the girl starts her fight up to the place where her mother is and gets ready to enter it just as she disappeared to be sure that nothing is ruined.

Chapter 14 – Reunited

She enters the room just as she disappeared as baby timing the move [[ and kills the executioners before they can kill her parents and even they have no idea of how she is they know she is their daughter but the fight has just started. The mafia boss has no idea of who the stranger is but he orders his men to kill her but she is trained well so she kills them like straws and soon there is only the mafia boss and her left but even that she has trained with the five grandmasters she is getting a hard match but in the end she wins and gets permission to kill the mafia boss even after she and her father learns who he is in reality.

Chapter 15 – A goodbye

The fight is over and they have won. Ling Wang tries to explain who she is to her parents but they don’t understand how she can be so old when they are so young and where she has been but the golden dragon / grandfather appears and tells the story and that time does not matter in life. Suddenly the other grandmasters appears as they have decided that now the country is at peace and the family is safe they don’t need the sword anymore so she is asked to place the sculptures in a circle with the sword and golden dragon in the middle so they will divide the sword in pieces so no one will ever find it again plus getting their dragon powers back. They say goodbye to each other but Ling Wang does not want lose her grandfather again but is told they all will be in her heart when needed and she will need to remember what she has learned. Then the sword, sculptures and grandmasters despairs.

Chapter 16 – The move

The police with the dead police officer as the boss arrives at the screen and cannot explain what happened but he knows that they are the good guys as he and Ling Wang have meet after her parents was in jail and kidnapped as she learned she could change the future just she would be blind temporarily. The officer just decided that the family was not part of it and just at a wrong place at a wrong time so they decided to let them go and finds out the things about the mafia being part of the police and start searching for that while they send the family home, who decides to move somewhere else.