Beyond Love Existence – Book 4 – Rise of a Hero

Book 4 – Rise of a Hero Cover

NOTE: everything below is not updated with characters and/or places yet, but will try to get it done soon

What? (Short version)

The girl which was a baby in Book 3 wakes up a morning in the past while having no idea about who, when or where she is and what is worse is that she is also blind so she gets out of the house where she meets her grandfather who at first acts like she is weird for not knowing who she is but then tells her the stories and how she most keep them a secret as the family she lives at is her family but they don’t know about the future. At first she is more than confused but when he touches her, she knows it is true and knows how the story will evolve, but her grandfather tells her that the story he told her mother was only a cover story as the real hero will never hear it from her mom but from him instead. For example the dragons which was evil in the story is really her masters who will learn her how to fight for the real evil, the emperor’s brother. But the story about her love with the crown prince is true and she does not have to worry about the future as all is decided already and she will get back in time when she is ready. She start her training and start searching for the sword she is meant to find even it has already appeared in the future. Suddenly a day she meets the emperor who is walking with his brother and the crown prince who she falls in love with at first sight. But her grandfather is confused now because why is the brother a good guy too. She starts her training with the four dragons as plan and all is good until one day they attacked by evil forces which kills her family even the grandfather and makes the dragons disappear as they don’t want to give their powers to evil. All alone in the world, she only have the emperor, his brother and the crown prince which she falls even more in love with and their love grows bigger. One day she dreams about the sword and the position but when she gets there the crown prince is already there and wants the sword because he is the evil one and he is from a future where their mom also gave birth to him where she told the story to both of them. But he killed his sister because the true hero is female and wanted the sword. They fight for the sword and he has the four dragons power too as he have captured them with the swords of the gods from his time. The hero wins like she is always going to and escapes by suddenly getting transported to her own present where she was born.

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – Welcome back

Ling Wang wakes up while not knowing anything about what happened the past days or where she is so she start searching for clues in the world but it is hard when you are blind. Suddenly she meets an old man who introduces himself as Huang Wang who is her grandfather and he is here to guide her on to her training to become a great warrior who will protect the past, present and future. Ling Wang learns her family story but is told not worry as she will return to the future when she is ready. At first she is confused but as she touches him see sees the life story of her mother and where they are now. Huang Wang tells her that she has parents in this time too but they don’t know about the future so she needs to keep it a secret from them

Chapter 2 – Training & focus

Ling Wang starts learning how to be a blind person and starts her fighting training like her person in the stories did which she has learned is her and that her grandfather is the connection to the all. She also learns to live with her family in the past and gets a good relationship with them even she does know they are not her real parents.

Chapter 3 – The travel to the palace

Soon she is ready for her first thing outside the town when she is going to travel with her grandfather to the emperor’s palace as there they will meet the 5 grandmasters of the kingdom who will train her to her full power.

Chapter 4 – Water

The first grandmaster she meets is the grandmaster of the north who will teach her not to fear losing her family and other people as they will always be there when she needs them plus he learns her to be calm. His temple is near a waterfall

Chapter 5 – Fire

The second grandmaster she meets is the grandmaster of the south that the power comes from within and he learns her to be powerful when needed. His temple is full of fire

Chapter 6 – Metal

The third grandmaster she meets is the grandmaster of the west that the power of one is less than the power of many plus he learns her endurance. His temple is near a big mountain

Chapter 7 – Wood

The fourth grandmaster she meets is the grandmaster of the east who will teach her that all people is her family and that her wisdom is more is all she will need plus he learns her to be focus on all. His temple is near a big forrest

Chapter 8 – Earth

Ling Wang finds the temple of the earth but cannot find the grandmaster as she have not notice all she learn on the way to the palace was training so she decides to train by herself in all the things the others have learned her.

Chapter 9 – Changes

She meets up with her grandfather who tells that something has changes as the emperor’s brother is no longer evil and all seems like in peace so he would send her back to the future as she soon she has found the sword and learned form the grandmaster of the earth. She starts looking for it but she cannot find it and she starts talking with the crown prince

Chapter 10 – True Love

They fall in love as they should according to the stories and they are training together and he is a better fighter than she excepted as she has been training with the grandmasters while he has only trained with his own masters. They spend time together and tries to find the sword but still cannot find it.

Chapter 11 – Attack from within

One day when they are out searching for the sword the palace is attacked and when they get back home they find all their friends and family killed only the grandfather is alive and he tells them that mystical men attacked the palace not to get the power but just to destroy. He dies in the arms of Ling Wang who have no idea of what to do now or how to get home. Then she remembers the grandmasters and decide to meet them but every temple she comes to is empty so she decides to go home even she knows that the crown prince needs to stay

Chapter 12 – Back home

Back home Ling Wang is sad for the lost of all the good men while remembering her training so she decide to train even harder at least to revenge her grandfather while also searching for the sword.

Chapter 13 – Underground

Ling Wang is awaken by screams and finds that her town is under attack by the mystical men and she tries to save her family but ends up getting them killed while she escape broken and lost in a world where all should just have been easy and a training until she was ready to go to the future again

Chapter 14 – The sword

Suddenly a night she dreams where the sword is even she has no idea about what it can do of good things now when she has lost so many family and no one except the new emperor is in her world. She travels to the place where the sword is hidden and she believes all is good now and she try to get back to the future using the swords power but nothing happens.

Chapter 15 – Edge of tomorrow

All down that she believed the sword was anything special she hears men entering the cave and knows it is the mystical men who wants the sword and start trying to defend herself against the men and kills them one by one with the grandmasters teaching. Suddenly she hears steps from a person she knows. The crown prince, she runs to him to get help but instead he straps her and demands the sword. She learns he is the evil in the world and start fight the best she learns and ends up winning over him but her injuries is bad so she faints

Chapter 16 – The Future

She wakes up in the future not knowing where she is but know she is not where she was before and a voice from her grandfather tells her that she is in the future and now she is ready to save the future.