Beyond Love Existence – Book 3 – Love & Lies

Book 3 – Love & Lies Cover

NOTE: everything below is not updated with characters and/or places yet, but will try to get it done soon

What? (Short version)

Our girl have turned into a young woman and have just got her fathers shop because he has died and she is cleaning up when a man enters the place trying to buy an antique sword but there is no sword in the shop so she sends him home empty handed and wonders why he asked for a sword like it was the most common thing. Doing the clean up she goes to the post and finds a letter from the post office about a package and it is last day of picking it up so she takes her stuff and runs out of the door and takes the metro to the post office. When there she gets a heavy and long case as she touch it is she remembers the stories that her father used to talk and she knows the package is for you and she start talking it home as it has turned evening. In the metro train she is all by herself until suddenly 5 men in suit enters the train and seats around her. The boss demanded to get the case but she doesn’t want to give it up so she tries to escape and the boss touch it and almost faints and is like being captured by a spirit which makes the other try to get the package from her. When it looks the darkest the boss gets alive again and without warning he pulls the case to himself and quickly pulls out the sword from it and attacks the four other men who tries to kill him and the girl. He gets hurt but managed to get them finished before fainting. The girl is not sure what she just seen decided to pack the sword away and bring him to a hospital. The next morning the man wakes up and they are kissing like they have known each other for ever but a nurse stops the kissing by reply that they are siblings. They look confused at first and then decide to go home to talk about it but when they get to the shop it is harassed and messy. They clean up while talking about their lives and he is a child living on the street and she has been living a fine life with her father. None of them remember their parents. Suddenly they are surrounded by police people who demands them out of there but as they are about to leave the mafia attacks them too makes them escaped on the motorcycle in a crazy car chase with the mafia and police after them. They escaped to some wear house where the man has some friends who helps them get their own little place
Their love is too strong to be siblings so they fall in love and make while doing anything to protect the sword while trying to find out what it is for. One day the woman is suddenly started to give birth and because they are wanted they cannot go on hospital but they take the chance anyway which the man use for a chance to tell his side of the story to the cops and finds out he has a former friend in the police and contacts him and they talk about it but as they go back to the hospital the woman is kidnapped and the police is there ready to take him in for the murders he did in the train along with the lots of other he has killed as he is a hit man for the mafia. He disables the police men and finds out that the police is corrupted as several of them has the same tattoo as him and the mafia. They travels around to find out where the mafia have hidden the woman but gets a phone call from his boss who is the one having the woman and his child. They goes to the place the boss tells him and rightly they are there and the sword is there too but so is the mafia boss who wants them all killed but the man fights the best he has learn and gets hold of the sword which gives him power and shows a bit of the power it holds by sending out a white tiger that kills the people and all is good. The boss is pleased as he now knows the powers that his wife talked about who is the mother of the girl. Suddenly the child disappears without warning or anything which makes the man lose the power over the sword and is captured which leaves the evil more than happy even they still have no idea how to use the sword they start using their power to take the world.

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – The Antique Shop

The story starts at the funeral of the father. Before jumping to a beautiful day where Ning Wang have gotten her father’s old Antique shop and she is cleaning it when a man enters the room asking for a sword but after looking all over the shop, she does not have any even she swore she remember a sword form her child hood. So she sends him home again

Chapter 2 – The Sword

Ning Wang is going home and as she gets home and finds a old post office letter with a package and cannot see the package anywhere after searching the house so she travels to the post office in a hurry when she notices that is the last day it can be picked up and it is evening. She gets to the post office and as she touch the package she remembers the stories her father told her and she knows that this is the sword and wonders why the man wanted a sword but thinks it is just a coincidentally. But in the metro she is surrounded by five men who wants her package but she does not want to give it. Suddenly a 6th man arrives and touch the package and break drown which scares the other men but they still wants the package and when it looks the darkest for Ning Wang, the man wakes up and starts fighting the others with a sword that suddenly appears in his hands and the package is now light as a feather. He is good but still hurt and black out.

Chapter 3 – Hero or enemy

Ning Wang transport her hero and the sword back to her place just to find it a mess after a break in. She does not know where else to go so she decide to take care of her hero here but while she tries to treat his wounds, she worries that he might be a foe after all. So she hides the sword in the apartment as she believes that who ever is looking for it does not know she would hide it there and then she travels to the hospital with him and falls asleep when they take care of him

Chapter 4 – Hospital

Ning Wang wakes up next to the man and when he opens his eyes they kiss like they have known each other forever but the feelings breaks when reality kicks in and they becomes more formal talks about each other. The guy is named Tao Liu and he pretends he cannot remember anything about his past except for a few friends and the attack yesterday as he does not want to scare her away by telling he was a hitman from the mafia boss who just changed side when he got the sword in his hands because he suddenly knew stories he had never been told. To confused them every more the nurse comes in and informs them that they are siblings because their blood match. They leaves the hospital and goes to find the sword at the apartment.

Chapter 5 – Mafia Boss

At the mafia boss office there is a mess of dead people as the boss is made that the sword is gone while he has also lost his best hitman Tao Liu plus the only remaining link to the sword Ning Wang. He kills some more before learning that they just have been on one of his hospitals where they have been told that they was siblings like he wanted if the possibility happen that they would escape and be together because their child would mean the doom of the mafia boss.

Chapter 6 – Childhood friend

Ning Wang and Tao Liu have decided to search help at the police but as Tao Liu knows that the mafia have many working in the police force he is very much against it until he remembers that his old childhood friend is in the police force but he is not sure if his friend can remember him after so long plus he is a criminal now by being a hitman. The friend agrees to meet them in the local McDonalds where they talks about what happened but the mafia boss knows about the meeting from his police forces and attacks the place but the three of them escapes and Tao Liu finds a safe house for them where three of his friends lives.

Chapter 7 – Stories

Ning Wang and Tao Liu tries to find out what the word is fore while staying the friends house and the action have made them forget about relations and their love is too strong so they make love the first night they are at the friends house who don’t mind it. Suddenly they both remembers the story with the four generals and the yellow dragon and notice the 5 symbols on the shaft and they start to believe they are the bad guys because of they are siblings and then worry about the child that they might get after their love making some time ago

Chapter 8 – Love & Hate

The police officer tries to find out what happened and read the papers about the attack in the subway but it is told in another way so he does not know who to believe or not because it says they were the killers and not the victims as they say they were plus he finds out that she is searched after for the stealing of an antique sword while he is a famous hitman. The time have flied fast and it is soon a month ago when he hears about them agin and they meet up where he tells them the truth about the info about them and Tao Liu cannot hide that it is not fake that he is a hitman so Ning Wang runs away angry because she is maybe going to have a child with her brother and that he is infamous hitman. Tao Liu is about to run after her when lots of police surrounded them as they are part of the mafia and the boss wants him behind lock and in the mean time is Ning Wang kidnapped by one of the friends who is helping the mafia boss.

Chapter 9 – Jail Time

Tao Liu is in jail and try to escape the place a few times because he wants to save Ning Wang but ends up spending more time with his police officer friend who finds it confusing that the police knew about the meeting and he tries to find Ning Wang to get the sword too as his boss commands him to find. Suddenly a day on the way home he is attacked by two men and finds out that they are police officers and part of the mafia by noticing a tattoo which looks like one Tao Liu have too. So he start planning Tao Liu escape as he knows that his friend is good now.

Chapter 10 – Backup

The police officer joins forces with another police station as he learns that he is the only real police officer at the station and that the place is just a cover up for the mafia boss and the reason he was not part of it is because the mayor had picked him to go there form another station less than 6 months ago. They attack the police station and gets proof on that Tao Liu is not evil except for his past killings but he did not know better

Chapter 11 – Search & destroy

Tao Liu and police officer starts attacking every place that Tao Liu knows is part of the mafia boss domain while Tao Liu tries to learn about the sword and find Ning Wang in the progress.

Chapter 12 – No more friends

They goes to the place where the three friends not knowing one of them is evil and start searching for clues. The mafia boss hears about that and demands his people to attack the place and doing the fight the friend kills the police officer while the two friends is killed too by other mafia members and they makes sure that it looks like Tao Liu is the one behind it so the police is now after him again.

Chapter 13 – Demands

Suddenly a day a letter arrives to the old apartment of Ning Wang from the mafia boss who demands that Tao Liu stops the raids on his business or he will kill Ning Wang. He also demands them to steal 5 sculptures form a museum in Beijing. He start planing what to do about it and decide to go to Beijing to take the chance

Chapter 14 – Power of the sword

Tao Liu learns the power of the sword but only the first step so he is not strong enough but still he believes he has the change to win against the evil mafia boss and save Ning Wang so he decide to cancel his search for the 5 sculptures + the sword the mafia boss wants in return for them

Chapter 15 – Family bond

Ning Wang is turned between the one she loves and the one who is her father and she is about to give birth too so she is worried about her future child but as the fight between Tao Liu and Hong Liu is getting more crazy she gets a vision of her father Huang Wang that tells her that her girl will be safe and that Hong Liu will kill them.

Chapter 16 – Baby girl

Suddenly doing the fight a baby scream is heard and a little girl is born in the room where the nurses takes good care of her while the two men still fights like crazy but Tao Liu knows Hong Liu is going to do something to the girl so he fights his way to Ning Wang who gives him the child believing he is the one making her safe and then Tao Liu starts run out of the room killing many men on the way to defend his child. Suddenly she disappears form his arms and he worries that he has dropped her but she is all gone and when he tries to fight back at the men the power of the sword is failing and he is brought back to the room where Hong Liu is making Ning Wang knell in front of him and forces Tao Liu to do the same before commanding two men to execute them. The books end before the action happens