Beyond Love Existence – Book 1 – The Blind Girl

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover

Book 1 – The Blind Girl NEW

What? (Short version)

This story is part 1 of 2 stories told to Ning Wang by her father Huang Wang. Ning Wang is the future mother of Ling Wang / Xiuying Wang who is the hero of the story. Huang Wang is the earth dragon and protector of earth and the sword of the gods which is in part 2. Part 1 is about how Xiuying Wang loses her family which makes her wanna try to revenge them while she falls in love with the crown prince Jun Chen. Jun Chen joins her and her grandfather Yi Chang after the emperor’s place gets attacked. On their joint adventure, they start learning of things expected of them before they try get revenge of their death family as Yi Chang and emperor Jiang Chen gets killed doing a recuse mission of Jiang Chen.

How? (Chapters)

Chapter 1 – The blind girl

  • Intro of Ning Wang and her father Huang Wang who is the mother and grandfather of hero Ling Wang.
  • Ning Wang does not want to sleep and does everything she can to stay up even it is past bedtime.
  • Huang Wang finally catches her and make her get to bed by promising a bedtime story.
  • Ning Wang does her before bed things but is a bit too fast with the toothbrush and ends doing it again.
  • Ning Wang wants to hear her favourite story with princesse and so on but Huang Wang has other ideas.
  • Huang Wang wants to tell the story about Xiuying Wang and her adventures.
  • Ning Wang is not sure, she wants the story but gives up and decides to hear it anyway.
  • Huang Wang starts the story.

Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting

  • meets the blind Xiuying Wang who is awaken one special morning as her father is coming home today
  • Xiuying Wang takes the trip out to a hill they have agreed to meet where she will train with her sword
  • Xiao Chang, her father is far from thinking about getting home as he is about to enter a 1-1 fight
  • Xiao Chang starts the fight with an older man who he does not recognise at first
  • Xiao Chang learns who it is, the emperor’s brother Shi Chen who is back to get the power of Xion’s islands
  • Xiao Chang wins the fight but gets killed by the three kids of Shi Chen who wants the power too
  • Lan Chang faints back home but makes servants save Xiuying Wang before send her away to the emperor
  • Xiuying Wang try to escape but hits a branch in forest before almost getting capture but saved by an old man

Chapter 3 – The old man

  • Xiuying Wang has nightmare about her family who blames her for their death and that they never loved her
  • The old man wakes her up from her nightmare, which scares her even more but she comes down soon
  • The old man is her grand father Yi Chang who was on the way to visit them after many years without
  • Xiuying Wang tells him about the dream and what her mother has told her which make them hurry leave
  • They are almost ready to go when they are ambushed by more soldier and they are outnumbered
  • It looks dark for our heroes but Xiuying Wang gets a blind rage and kills some of the soldiers before fainting
  • Yi Chang packs the last things before leaving the place to travel to the emperor’s palace in Kuzuyama
  • The three evils Li Chen, Gang Chen, and Mei Chen hears about it and decides to changes plans

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace

  • It gets next morning and Xiuying Wang wakes up on the horse without knowing what she has done
  • Yi Chang tells her that she is safe now and that they are almost at Kuzuyama and the emperor’s palace
  • They get to the gate but because of the fight against the soldiers he has lost the access papers
  • Xiuying Wang remembers her medallion and tries to give it to Yi Chang but ends up falling of the horse
  • She lands in front of crown prince Jun Chen horse which get scared and throws him of too and lands on her
  • She faints again and wakes up in the palace in the evening being covered with bandages and hungry
  • Jun Chen enters the room and she gets some food while talking to him and falls in love with him and his ways
  • Yi Chang and emperor Jiang Chen enters too few moments before the place is attacked and she faints again

Chapter 5 – A new home

  • Yi Chang wakes up and quickly notices she is somewhere else even that she is blind but still known voices
  • She starts trying to move but something holds her back and a voice talks to her but she does not know it
  • Yi Chang and Jun Chen goes inside to check on her and Yi Chang go to town to get bandages and a sword
  • Jun Chen stays home to take care of Xiuying Chang and training too while she keep the voice a secret
  • While Yi Chang is away they are visited by a stranger who claims to know them but they are still defending
  • Yi Chang appears afterwards and for some reason is Xiuying Chang while the stranger is disappeared
  • Next day is Xiuying Chang and Yi Chang out to get a stone made for the shine so they can pray to the family
  • They also picks up the sword for Jun Chen on their way back and Xiuying Chang is without nightmares now

Chapter 6 – White lotus

  • Time flies and the love between Jun Chen and Xiuying Chang grows bigger and bigger.
  • They have found a place to be on their own when Yi Chang is not around and too busy with other things
  • They start training together at night as Xiuying Chang doesn’t like the princess training
  • One day Yi Chang is suddenly home way earlier than expected and caught them of guard
  • Yi Chang does not have time to get mad about it as Li Chen’s army is in the town searching for them
  • They leave the place only carrying what needed and escape to the former home of Yi Chang away from town
  • As they are done setting up again, does Yi Chang gets angry about their love by reminding them of the war
  • He spilts them apart and gives them a room in each end of the horse and they cannot find the cave again

Chapter 7 – Focus

  • In the beginning they keeps doing the night training but Yi Chang keeps a close eye on them
  • They decide give on their love because they are never having time alone and they has to be training
  • They start going back to the other place to pick up the things they left behind the first time
  • The town is full of soldiers but most of them only knows it is three people, old man, young man and woman
  • Xiuying Chang starts training alone at night because she wants to be even better
  • Xiuying Chang and Jun Chen pretends that the prince and princess things is all they care for now
  • Yi Chang starts building a temple for them to pray on so they won’t have to travel to the town for that
  • Jun Chen starts acting strange and go on more trips to the town alone.

Chapter 8 – New flame

  • Jun Chen has falling in love with a beautiful girl who he hopes can be with after Xiuying Chang wasn’t allowed
  • The beautiful woman is Mei Chen who is the only girl of the three evil kids, Li Chen, Gang Chen and her
  • They have no idea of who each other are and they spend some good times together before Yi Chang meets them
  • Yi Chang does not get angry this time even he feels he has seen her before or rather an older person like her
  • Xiuying Chang gets jealous and angry that they are allowed to be lovers when she could not have him
  • Xiuying Chang use her anger to train even harder when she is alone at night
  • Yi Chang is happy that Jun Chen has found something else so he can focus on what he does best instea
  • Mei Chen has a good focus on Jun Chen who trains harder in her present and she forgets the time

Chapter 9 – Letters from home

  • While Jun Chen and Xiuying Chang is focused on their training is Yi Chang started to get letters by pidgin
  • The first letter he thinks is fake even that it is from the emperor trying to get them home again
  • Soon a letter appears again and this time Jun Chen reads it first even Yi Chang does not meant him to
  • Jun Chen demands they try saving his father after reading the later but Yi Chang does not want to at first
  • They argue about it which Mei Chen overhears and learn who they are and is a bit spilt in her feelings
  • Mei Chen decides to give up her love so she joins the argue and tries to get them out of their hiding place
  • Xiuying Chang gets sad when she hears about it as she knows it will give her an even smaller chance
  • Yi Chang finally agrees on trying to save the emperor

Chapter 10 – Nightmares returns

  • Xiuying Chang nightmares returns and it is a heavy one she cannot get out of herself
  • Jun Chen wakes her up because he can smell and is almost getting stabbed by her but avoids it.
  • The three of them slowly travels to the town after waiting for Mei Chen who was supposed to show up
  • As they get closer to the town they hears screams and sees burning buildings around them
  • They look for the place they were told the emperor would be getting executed by is the town is full of soldiers
  • They finally gets to the place and finds that not only the emperor is getting executed but Mei Chen too
  • They change their plans because of the fog, smoke and 1 less person makes it hard to complete
  • They find a good plan and spilts up

Chapter 11 – Lost souls

  • Xiuying Chang starts by entering the market places demanding the emperor and girl is released
  • The executioner is Gang Chen and he just laughs before he is about to tell who he and Mei Chen really are
  • Yi Chang attacks by firing arrows after him but even in the fog he manage to avoid and call for backup
  • Suddenly the whole market is full of soldiers and Xiuying Chang needs to use her alone training
  • Jun Chen attacks Gang Chen but he is too strong so Yi Chang joins the fight only to get hurt badly almost killed
  • Xiuying Chang hears about it and a rage starts in her and she starts giving the soldiers a hard time
  • Jun Chen gets the upper hand of Gang Chen and manages to save Mei Chen who helps him fighting against him
  • Mei Chen pretends she gets knocked out and use it to kill the emperor while Jun Chen kills Gang Chen

Chapter 12 – The new plan

  • Jun Chen and Xiuying Chang gets sad when they learn that their family is death but their love returns
  • Jun Chen tries to wake up Mei Chen who pretends to be hit hard by Gang Chen but she is still weird about his dead
  • Mei Chen does not care that Jun Chen breaks up with her after learning that he is returning to Xiuying Chang
  • They figure out a plan to revenge the dead ones as they learns about that their is only evil one left
  • Mei Chen uses their will to kill her last brother for a chance to get back with him and get some more power now
  • Mei Chen pretends that she knows a fast way to the palace and inside without being discovered
  • Jun Chen and Xiuying Chang is too much in love to ask questions about why she knows that
  • They burry Yi Chang and Jiang Chen before leaving the town

Chapter 13 – Hand In Hand

  • Jun Chen, Xiuying Chang and Mei Chen starts the travel to the palace.
  • Mei Chen tries everything gets hit by their love and gets tired of it so she tries to make them angry again
  • She does everything she can to make them do it before they get to the palace, but their love is too strong.
  • In the end she gives up and instead she cuts Xiuying Chang with a tiny knife to make her unable to walk.
  • Jun Chen wants her with him to the palace and kill the last one, but her injury makes things harder for them
  • They takes care of Xiuying Chang before they leave her hidden in the forest near the town gate
  • Jun Chen and Mei Chen start sneaking into the town and palace while it starts to rain
  • Xiuying Chang starts to count the rain drops as she is started to feel sleep after all the events of the day

Chapter 14 – Never Alone

  • Back at Xiuying Chang, who still is far form asleep, as she thinks back on her family and her home instead
  • Suddenly some soldiers walks near the place she is hidden and talks about a female leader which is Mei Chen
  • Xiuying Chang quickly kills the solider as she knows that she has to get back to Jun Chen before it is too late.
  • She gets there and hears Mei Chen is fighting against Jun Chen, who is confused about what is happing
  • Jun Chen cannot figure out what turned her evil plus she is hsi former love so cannot make himself fight her
  • He have defended most of her attacks but is still getting hurt before Xiuying Chang steps in way
  • It is hard fight because Mei Chen is fast but the rain gives Xiuying Chang a way of hearing her and she wins
  • Jun Chen and Xiuying Chang are so in love now and wants to kill the last evil one and reclaim the power.

Chapter 15 – Last Blood

  • They enter the palace as thunder and lightning starts entering the sky. They are all alone in the palace.
  • They get to the throne room where Li Chen is waiting for them or rather he expected his brother with their bodies
  • He learns about the events about his siblings and a fight between them all three starts.
  • Even that the fight is two against one it is a crazy fight as Li Chen is very strong, fast and clever.
  • An older man appears but does not have a chance either, so suddenly he changes into the earth dragon, they know
  • The fight is more even but Li Chen is still crazy like someone is helping him, maybe another dragon.
  • The earth dragon sends Xiuying Chang and Jun Chen though a portal which sends them out of town
  • He leaves them with only a single word, “Escape”, which they do without having any ideas about what to do next.

Chapter 16 – Back home

  • Ning Wang in our time is fast asleep and Huang Wang is just smiling and kissing her good night
  • He whispers that he will tell her the story many times as he is sure that it has become her new favourite story
  • Huang Wang walks out of the bedroom and closed the door gently to make sure she does not wake up again
  • Huang Wang looks around at the mess he has to clean up and in the other rooms to make sure he is alone
  • Huang Wang is before walking over to their hall closet with a chair
  • Huang Wang He takes a step on the chair and takes the down an old wooden case
  • Huang Wang looks again to sure he is all alone before he slowly opens the case to review the sword inside“
  • H Huang Wang e pulls out the old sword out of the case and swings a few times before placing it back again