Unknown (New York)


Sci-fiction, love, life


The story is about a man who is living a normal life in New York and all is doing good for him until the day the Americans makes war against the Russian and 3rd world was have started but there is something the man does not understand about it but what does he know about war so he tries to live his life like normal as he can. Doing the night he start having weird dreams about being trapped inside a tube of some kind and he is too worried to tell anyone about it in the beginning but when it starts ruining his work life, he decides to go to psycryist who tells him not to worry and maybe switch job. He switches job even it is hard to get any doing the war times and the dreams stop for a while. Suddenly one night he wakes up from his dreams but instead of seeing the normal roof of his apartment he wakes up inside the tube he have been dreaming about but decide it is only a dream so he “goes” to bed again and sleep. He have a normal day at work and goes to sleep as normal while saying to himself it was just some crazy dream again. He wakes up in the tube again and this time, he knows it is real so he use the chance to get out of the tube and soon finds out he is on some advanced military base so he quickly goes back in the tube to be sure no one noticed him. The next day he goes to work like normal and acts normal while secretly making a plan for the night. Slowly he finds out more and more about the place he and many other people is while he feels his “normal” life get better and soon he have to decide if he wanna go the new world or live in the old world which just turned better. Suddenly he figures that the reason all is going good is because he is getting closer to find out the truth about his life and whoever is controlling it knows that he is trying to escape so one night he start walking up people who he thinks can help but before he can wake up a lot they are surrounded by soldiers who orders them somewhere. As they walk past some glass our man noticed that he is no longer a man but some freak thing and finds out that he is freak used to test how people would react to different things and scenarios which makes he more in mood to go against the soldier and he plans an attack on them with the people he have woken up and the rest of people. Not sure what will happen more here but it will end between a fight between the army and the freaks with the freaks getting their freedom and show themselves to the real people and world.
See you around