The man behind…


Name: Jesper T. Christiansen
Birthday: 28-01-1989, so makes me 29.
Western zodiac: Aquarius
Chinese zodiac: Earth Dragon
Motto: Space + Mind = Unlimited Potential
About me:
I am a quiet normal young man at 29 years old, but when I say normal I am really having Asperger’s syndrome, which means quite a few things for me, for example, I hate being social at times and is very bad at teamwork plus I get sick by over thinking as I cannot stop myself when I start. I have started to meditate every day now and I think it will help me clean my mind for over thinking even that the guide in the app says that I shall focus on become friends with my bad thoughts instead of try pushing them away and it really feels like a good way. Other than that then I am a scout leader who learns kids in the age 6-8 years about nature and other scouts things which is going fine and helps me get some of my wish of being a kindergarten teacher come true which did not happen because of my Asperger Syndrome. In my friend time, I watch lots of movies, play lots of games and read books while also a part time novelist which is the main reason for this blog. I also used to write reviews, but at the moment I am trying to focus on my novel as I have been trying to write it so many times. My plan for my novels is not to get rich or famous, but to show people that not all stuff is the same as many movies is either sequels or very similar. I still like movies. Guess that was more less me.
Work time:
Because I could not become the kindergarten teacher, I wanted to be, I fell over something I have always been good at, except for a few times, computers so my job is working at a company that makes the exams papers for high school students in Denmark which is quiet fun job as I am making everything from graphic design to code assignments which makes my days really fun. I love my work and is sad those days where sickness removes me from it.
Free time:
Scout leader for kids between 6-8 years old.
Websites: for my novels, reviews and so on for my private blog but you cannot access if no password form me for my sharing of holiday photos and so on to friends and family