5 Tasks


Accident Times




Adventure, Good vs Evil, Monks


A stranger wakes up in the burning sand of the desert in china, not knowing who he is, where he comes form, and all other questions, only he has a voice in him telling him to go to the temple in Xian and speak with the leading monk. He gets there and meet an monk who tells home that the leader of the temple not want to meet him before he has completed the 5 tasks. fire, water, earth, air and the secret one but he will get help by a young woman who knows the tasks and how to complete them expect the secret one. Then the adventure starts and the 2 of them goes form place to place to train and complete the 4 tasks and 4 different place while slowly the man remembers who he is and slow finds out who the woman is and they starts having a connection in more than one way. As he complete the 4th task he finds out that the 5th is love and that he and the woman have completed it together and that was why she was going with him. They get back to the temple to find it burning and all the monks killed except one who tells the guy who he is and he is the twin brother of the evil emperor and the reason he was forgetting anything was because he ones too was evil but the monks had seen good in him so they had cleaned his mind in the hope that he would turn good and the woman he have fallen in love with is the only one alive of the old good leader. The man do not know what to do as he cannot decide between his love for the princess or the family he was one part off but as his brothers hit men tries to kill him he knows what to do and used the training to kill his brothers cruel men one by one until he kills his brother and makes the princesses the new empress and he becomes her lover and protector as he not want any power to be sure he not use it for any bad.
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