Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
It is all quiet as Xiuying Chang open her eyes but as she try to left up her arms to stretch them, they won’t move at all and a bird start singing at a low volume which slowly grows. Xiuying Chang tries to move the rest of her body but nothing in her body seems to work, suddenly she remember the attack and the explosions. “What happened to me?” She thinks loud with no voice at all which scares her even more so her eyes starts filling with tears of fear and sadness as she have no idea of what happen to her, the others or her world for that matter. Suddenly something appears in the edge of her eyes which makes the tears run faster as she finds out she can see but the happy tears quickly turns in scared tears as the thing that comes closer are as far from alive as possible as it is a walking rotten corpse. She tries to move again but nothing helps and the corpse comes closer and closer. She tries screaming again but even she can feel her mouth movement, no voice leaves her mouth and suddenly it hits her that the only sound is coming form the bird and it is started to get on a disturbing level. Her focus on the bird makes her lose focus on the corpse and it is like the bird is telling her something with it’s high voice but just as she was about to hear words in the singing a hand touched her and with all her power she tried to scream and movement but it did not help and soon the corpse kissed her and spoke with a deep and far from friendly voice “I will be waiting for you” and in the next he, the bird and her vision was gone and she could hear Jun Chen talking to Yi Cheng about her but she was to happy to be in the real world to listen to what they said.