Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Her heart started to slow down before stopping together with her mind and she felt her body closing down but when just as it looked at the darkest two different hands to a hard grip in her hands, no minding the blood or anything and pulled her away. “We have to go NOW” she heard two voices yelling in mouth of each other but she knew the voices. It was Jun Chen and Yi Cheng, their voice continued but she didn’t focus on them as the light and darkness was fighting inside her. “Get up NOW” she heard low but it gave the light and as a blind person she had never seen a light like that before and as she shake her head the light filled her from top to toe and she stand up like nothing could touch her. She started walking with them like her injuries was there no more and she followed them in a speed, way faster than before and soon she could feel water against her skin before the sounds of horses meet her too. They were in the royal stables, a place she always wanted to go but not like this. The last thought made the darkness suddenly appear in the bottom of the light and her senses started to turn off but before she could scream, she fainted.
“Help her up now” Jiang Chen yelled to his men when he noticed that she were laying in the wet grass and soon two men took her and tried to walk her up while putting her on a horse. “You need to ride with her, Jun Chen” Jiang Chen commanded his son. Jun Chen just nodded and prepared his horse for Xiuying Chang as the men had giving up on waking her up and put her on the horse. The rain started to fall faster and another explosion was heard from in other end of palace but no one had time to focus on that now because they had to get away now and they did not have a second chance. Emperor looked up at the sky before he closed his eyes and fell the rain hitting in his face for almost three seconds before he nodded like he had decided something and then he started walking over to the gate. He opened it like it was nothing which made the men including Jun Chen and Yi Cheng freeze for a bit. “Get our now and let our paths meet again some day safe” he yelled loud and looked at his son a last time as they started riding on each side of him. Jun Chen wanted to look back at his father but the gate had already closed and they were now just the three of them and they had to hurry away or they might become many more.