Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Suddenly another explosion hit and her grandfather’s hand turned soft as they flew from each other. Xiuying Chang landed on something soft and at first, she was happy that she did not hit anything hard, her happiness quickly disappeared as she learn she had hit a person. She tried to figure out who it was but the explosion had ruined all her senses except touch so she started to move her fingers around on the body. It felt like a leg and she tired to follow it up but hit some sharp on the way with some liquid surrounding it. The body below her had not moved while she had touch the place which made her move so she started to doubt that it really was a person she had landed which leaved her no other choice than taste the liquid. She gentle touch her way up to the place again and sh was about to touch the place again when it crossed her mind that she already had the liquid on her fingers. She took a deep lick on her finger and froze before reaching the end. It was blood.