Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
She follow him thought the halls while she heard many new voices but Jun Chen keep dragging her past them all so she had no time to focus on what they said or the rooms they left. Suddenly Jun Chen stopped and Xiuying Chang could feel the wind and some leafs playing with her hair. It was so calming and relaxing that she almost forgot she were hungry. “When you are better again we will go out here in the palace garden every day and train as I have heard that you are good fighter even you are blind” Xiuying Chang smiled before her belly started to demand some food soon and they soon on their way again. They got back inside again and soon she heard voices she knew. The emperor and her grandfather. “What took you so long?” The emperor replied as he got an eye on them and before Xiuying Chang could answer Jun Chen had already open his mouth. “I wanted to show her the garden father” he answered like it was the simplest thing in the world. “Very well, but now it is time to eat and I am sure that Xiuying Chang is hunger too after about a day full of sleep.” Xiuying Chang could heard something was wrong in his voice but was too hungry to ruin the meal so she started to try find some of the food on the table in front of them. No one said a word as they were eating and Xiuying Chang used the change to relax and get as much food inside as possible as she were starved after the days with almost no food. Suddenly some quick feet entered the room and ran over to the emperor and a voice started whispering but not for long as the emperor yelled “Those people you see around this table are survivors for the attack so they are allowed to hear everything about it” the whispering voices stopped and took so deep breaths. “I am sorry my lord, I didn’t know it was no secret but what I was to say was that an army have been sighted not far form here” he wanted to say more but suddenly the whole hall was in chaos as more men entered the room screaming loudly. Xiuying Chang had been so focused on the food that she didn’t hear what they were saying before a hard grip took her arm and dragged her away form the food. “Heeeyyyy, I was eating that” she responded annoyed and her grandfathers gentle voice replied “didn’t you hear what happen, we have to get out now” Xiuying Chang’s voice changed form annoyed to worried “No, sorry grandfather, what happened.” But before he could answer an explosion happen near them and Xiuying Chang knew what was going on and was about to panic but her grandfather’s hard grip made her feel safe and she did her best to follow him even the fast movements had made her injuries hurt again.