Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
She woke up as she could feel the sun reach her body which she used to wake up by back home. She listened for the morning birds but could not hear them as they were replaced with those she was about to hear in the afternoon and she were about to yell for someone but then she remembered she had no idea of what direction she was sleeping in so it could be why she had slept so long beside her injuries had taken its toll on her too. Suddenly a gentle female voice broke the bird songs “Good afternoon, good to see you up as I am here to replace your bandages. Don’t worry I will be gentle” and before Xiuying Chang could do anything to prevent it, a pair hands started touch her belly and chest. The pain were still unbearable but she did not want to show she were weak so instead of screaming she just bit her teeth together and tried to act normal. The woman was gentle but still doing her job like she had done it a million times. Suddenly footsteps started and entered the room but before the person could say anything the woman who had wrapped her like a rice roll replied “Can you see, we are busy at the moment and need some privacy?” And Xiuying Chang could hear the steps stop before making sounds of turning around “I am sorry, Xiuying Chang I just heard that you were awake and wanted to ask you if wanted to have dinner with me?” Xiuying Chang could hear it was with the crown prince but her mind was too focused on the pain she tried to hide to remember his name so the word exploded our of her mouth “YEEEEEEES” she almost yelled which surprised all in the room and Xiuying Chang could feel the color turn more and more red in her face and it got worse when she just noticed that she have been naked in front of the crown prince, a man and person she have only just meet. Her thoughts was stopped by a gentle voice from the woman who had wrapped her bandages “I am sorry, I didn’t meant to hurt you in anyway so next time I will change your bandages please tell me so I can be even more gentle” Then the hands left her painful body which was shacking like she had been out in the icy snow instead. “We are done, you can turn back around now” The steps form the crown prince changed direction as the woman’s steps leaved the room. He laughed like she had done something stupid before he stopped himself “I am sorry for laughter and my entrance… would you allow me to guide you to the main hall for dinner with me, my father and your grandfather?” Xiuying Chang had forgotten all about her grandfather and her parents. The thought of them made a tear run down from her left eye before she stopped herself and tried to focus on present time instead.