Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Xiuying Chang enjoyed the silence in the room and even it has been less than 24 hours since she lost her parents her mind was far too tired to focus on that now with all the other events. Just as she was almost asleep when she heard gentle steps enter the room but before you she could yell and gentle hand held her mouth closed which was about to make her even more wild but then a gentle voice replied “I am sorry, I just had to see you again” at first Xiuying Chang was not sure who the voice came from as she was so sleepy but then realized that it was the crown prince Jun Chen. There were a moment of silence before Jun Chen removed the hand and then continued “It is me, Jun Chen, I am sorry that I covered your mouth but didn’t want to make a mess of sounds that would ruin the sleep for the others” Xiuying Chang was a little worried about what would happen now because she have not been near guys her age before as her parents had kept her away from them plus her father was the general so often they had been out training with him before they came to her which leaved them them worried about how her father would react before turning completely off when they learned she were blind as who would want a woman who could not do her work at home without help. Tears started to press on as she realized she had say thought was instead of were about her family and her former boyfriends who never had turned into something. Suddenly she remembered that Jun Chen was in the room who much think she were crazy now by leaving him in silence for so long. “I am sorry my lord, I am just so sleepy and so many things in my heard” a small laughter came from Jun Chen before he replied “As my father said, there is no need to say my lord as you are practically family and besides I know you had a rough day so no need to be sorry about your mind” and then he took her hands and kissed them before he moved them around in his face so she could feel how he looked before kissing them again and put them back in the bed. “I hope that helped on your mind a bit so you can sleep better, I will leave you again but will be here when you wake up later no matter how much you need” Xiuying Chang could feel the sheets getting lighter before hearing steps leaving the room and her with a even more confusing mind than before but it was a good confusion. She wanted to call him to return or at least say good night but her voice was gone and before her mind could think about it she was fast asleep.