The Blind Girl – Chapter 4 – Emperor’s Palace Part 8

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
“I see two men in a forest, preparing themselves for fighting and it is not going to be a fair fight” She held a break expected an answer form the emperor but the way he held her was answer enough so she continued. “The oldest of the two is in finer clothes than the young one and he has a medallion like mine and I guess he is my father.” She could feel the emperor nodding his head. “The other has a bread and no offense but his body is much like yours emperor…” she expected the emperor to be angry at her now but he kept his calm and gentle hold of her which seemed a bit weird but in right time as suddenly the vision started changing form it’s gentleness to a fight. “The two men are fighting and the young man is hurt” she started to cry and the emperor broke in the story “Stop focusing, I am here” but Xiuying Chang could not stop herself and she started to watch the two men fight and it got wilder and wilder for every second of the fight she witness but before they were going to kill each other the now two bloody men stopped and looked directly in her way and started to run against her like they had seen her watching the fight. She started screaming in the vision and in real life as at first she thought her father would protect her form her the evil man but before she could ask for help, she felt a sword slowly entering her belly, turning her white clothes red and when she tried to scream again her mouth was full of blood leaving no space for the voice to come out. As things started to get dark a man appeared in front of her and sent the men away form her before laying her down in the forest floor and played her hair gentle while saying some unclear words which got turned more and more clear as the darkness covered her vision. “Wake up Xiuying Chang, WAKE UP” It gave a set in her and found her back in the bed with the emperor still holding around her. “I am so sorry, we should never have done this” the emperor started before moving away from her. Xiuying Chang did not know what to say or do other than letting him go. Suddenly her eyes filled with tears and they ran out in fast and big numbers like there were nothing that could stop them. “Come here” her grandfather Yi Chang took the others in surprise and then he held her tightly and somehow she started to clam down and the tears soon dried out. As her breathing was back to normal and her tears was gone, she remembered the screaming in her vision and worried that the emperor had lost his hearing “I am sorry for screaming in your ear, my lord.” The emperor was surprised as he was still worried of the darkness he had made her witness just for him to know who was behind the attack so he kissed her forehead gentle before replying “It is me who is sorry for making you witness it, in the first place” Xiuying Chang yarned as the vision had taking a lot of her energy and replied “I am alright now, just I hope my poor description made sense for you” the emperor nodded but replied “Yes, but you better get some rest now so you can be fresh from your injuries the soonest… Come my friends, lets leave her too sleep” Then she heard the other leave her room and a few good nights before she were all alone in the room.

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