Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Xiuying Chang closed her eyes as she felt the calm coming from the emperor that was more intense than she had expected the emperor to be so she felt that she had to give him an answer. She started to search her mind for clues and suddenly in the darkness small lights started to flash in front of her. At first it was hard for her to see what it was they were showing as she was not used to colors and light. She took a deep breath to focus on the pictures and notices they were alive and they’re showing to men fighting with swords in the forest. “I don’t know where I get this pictures are coming from, my lord” the emperor smile and replied “Still no need to call me, my lord and just tell me what you see and I will be the judge of if they are real or not” Xiuying Chang focused even harder and noticed that one of the men was her father because she could she the golden dragon hanging around his chest even she had it with her here.