Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
“Where am I?” She started trying to make the mind focus on present instead of the horrible past. She could hear Jiahao Wang get himself together before he answered “in the forest not far from where you was attacked by those soldiers, which I saved you from and if I may ask, why were they after you?” Ling Wang had wanted to know what had happened to them but his question had surprised her as he didn’t feel like the person who would just rush in and save a girl he didn’t know who was. She was about to answer his answer but he continued “In case your mind wants to know what happened to your attackers, then they are all dead as they attack me after I tried to come between them and you so your story has to be good” Ling Wang turned confused while on the same time horrified as why would he know more than the story she had just told him but she decided it was best to do what he asked so she started slowly. “I woke up this morning like any other day before getting dressed and running out to train with a sword I found in my father closet around the time he left.” She held a break as tears ran a bit while her chest hurted because of the injuries and then continue “I trained to make my parents proud of me as I felt like I was a burden to them and” “Your parents never watched you as a burden as they loved you more than life itself or rather they did last time I knew was them around your birth, now continue and I am sorry to break your story” Ling Wang did not know what to say except continuing as he told her to. “Well, I was disrupted by a servant who wanted me back him because my mother had fallen but I believed that it was a way of getting me home as it started raining and wanted to stay on the hill and train while waiting for my father. Suddenly arrows started to fall around me and I froze which made the servant take me and run me home but on the way he was hit and I was in the mess of the town full of scared people screaming and in panic. Luckily another servant found me and got me home where my mother had packed a horse and I was put on it while she stayed behind. I tried to return to her but they closed the gate and the soldiers you killed started following me and then I ended up meeting you” tears ran fast as she stopped her story and she felt the old man hold around her to make her feel better. “I know it was hard to tell me the entire story, but don’t you feel better now than before you did” Ling Wang was too sad to answer but nodded anyway to accept his idea. The we’re close for a long time or it rather felt like it before suddenly Ling Wangs belly rubbled “You most be hungry after no breakfast or time to eat doing the escape and now it is almost midnight” Ling Wang nodded again and soon she could smell bread which she eat gentle but still quite fast. It was bit dry but she didn’t mind at all as it was food. “Thanks” she managed to say between the bites and Jiahao Wang just laughed for the first time since they meet and the mood between them became better. While she eat she could him prepare the horse and wondered why they would go before it hit her, he would help her go to the emperor’s palace of course.