Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
She looked at him with her death eyes and even that they didn’t look directly at him he knew she was calm again so when she nodded too, he just as gentle removed his hand. “I am sorry to me you like this” he started while moving behind the fireplace so she could get warmth into her beaten body. He was about to continue but was interrupted by Ling Wang “Where I am? Who are you? Where are my horse?” Her mouth turn sour in all the questions as she didn’t knew up or down in anything. All she knew was the pain inside her chest from the lose of her parents and the accident with the horse not long ago. The accident stood clear in her mind like a painting and her mouth worked again “what happened to the soldiers?… hmph…” the gentle hand was back and a gentle voice replied “I will answer all your questions, one at a time… but before I will answer anything I want to know your name so I know who I am talking to, are you up to that?” Ling Wang nodded and in the second she felt the hand leave her mouth she replied “I am Ling Wang, only daughter of general Xiao Wang and Lan Wang former concubine of the emperor” she stopped as she worried that the hand would return even it was gentle but nothing happened so she continued “I regret to inform that both of them are expected death together with the entire town” she wanted to say more but she could her that her company had started crying so she stopped and felt the heat warm her up. The old man looked at her trying to figure out if it was true he had just heard so he gathered his tears and asked “is that really why you are here?” Tear drops could be hear falling when he ended the question and Ling Wang just looked after him with even more death eyes than before. “l am sorry but yes.” She answered with a voice leaving no doubt and her eyes started dripping again too before she continue “Now I have introduced myself, who may I ask you are?” And the old man replied “Jiahao Wang, your father’s grandmaster, I have know your father since I meet her in a forest much like this after the first war between the emperor and his brother so I supposed I should know about you too but been too focused on personal matters that I have been away for too long and was on the way to visit your parents” Ling Wang could hear there was more sadness in the voice than before so she knew something bad had happened to him and she was sure he wasn’t lying to her but still she was not sure if it was right time to ask questions other than those about the place and what had happened while she had been blacked out.