Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ling Wang wakes up in her bed with a set and look around and on herself with quick movements but cannot find any of the injuries she had from the fight, she just had with the soldiers but before she can think more about it, her mother enters her room with a smile on her face “You are up, cherry” and before Ling Wang can reply she continues “Look who is home” and in comes her father also smiling “You were so sleepy that you did not meet me at the hill we had agreed on” he continued like he knew what her mother was going to say. Ling Wang ran over to give her father a big hug and felt warmer inside, she wanted to tell him about her dream about the attack and the soldiers and the rest of her dream but she did not want to scary them with that so she decided to wait. It got warmer and warmer inside the room and Ling Wang could not find out where the heat was coming from but decided that it much had been all the energy she used to be with her father now was back. They walked out in the morning sun but there was no birds singing in the sky which confused her even more. She ran in the front to tell people about that her father was now home but she could not find any people either so she got even more and more confused and then she turned around and turned into stone as her house and the rest of the town was in fire but her parents just walked against her like nothing was happening. “Mom, dad?” she managed to speak before they were at her side quicker than the wind with a sword in their hands which they held against her “You was going to deliver the message to the emperor” her mother started with an evil dry voice. “You should have been a boy” her father continued with the same evil dry voice as the mother. Ling Wang tried to run away but her feet had turned into rocks and the evil voice continued “You are a failure”, “We don’t love you”, “We never cared about you”, “You was never our daughter” Ling Wang started to cry because of all the hard things they said against her but in the middle of it an gentle voice started to appear “Wake up”, “Wake up“ it repeated over and over which made her former parents started to cut in her and she could feel the pain grow bigger and bigger. Suddenly a big hand appeared in the sky and pushed her parents away before taking her up from the ground and in the next second Ling Wang looked into a face of an old man. Confused and scared from the dream she started screaming and crying loud before the old man held a gentle hand over her mouth. “You are safe here, it was just a nightmare” he spoke like the gentle voice in the dream.