Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Without much talk Ling Wang was put on the horse but even that was hard on her mother and soon both where full of tears while Lan Wang tried to tell her where the different things were but her tears and crying made it hard for her to speak so she just moved Ling Wang’s hands over the things and when they touched a sword Ling Wang face turned weird as her mother knew nothing about her 6 months of training by herself but when she was about to ask she just quickly got the answer “I know my love” and then they touched a last time before the horse suddenly started moving and before any of them could say anything the gate was closed between them. Ling Wang could feel the tears running faster and faster and she did not want to ride away just yet and not without her mother so she tried to yell but her tears made it unable and when suddenly some laughing men were heard Ling Wang knew there was nothing to do other than being the message to the emperor. She turned away from the voices and put her head towards the horse and whispered “I wish you bring me to the emperor’s palace now” and as her words have left her mouth the horse had started to ride like a crazy and it was hard to see that the person on top was blind. Ling Wang did her best to hold a tight grip but falling off was not what worried her the most but rather what she should do to evil followers whose laughing was coming closer and closer. Ling Wang thought like crazy but her mind kept focusing on her mother and where her father might be in all of this, suddenly her mind remembered the sword and she turned around to grasp it which was not a second too late as her movement had made the first attack from her followers fail except for a few inches of hair which warned her of the danger she was in. “We got you now” a deep serious bruise voice replied which made Ling Wang smile for the first time since the attack as she knew that they didn’t know she was blind and to make sure they was going to stay in that way she yelled “I wouldn’t be sure about that” and then made a strike against the man who did not expect the speed of the girl and before he could reach and attack back his mouth started to fill with blood and he fell of the horse like a stone on water. Ling Wang froze as she found out that she had killed a man, her first but before she could think of anything about it the remaining followers announced their numbers and plans as they started yelling in mouth of each other. Ling Wang knew she had killed the leader of the group which would was both good and bad as in one way she had one less to focus on but on the other she now had to expect more random attacks and she knew she had to find a way of controlling it, then she remembered about the forest her father had told her about last time they had been having time together. There were only one problem about it, she had no idea of where it was compared to the place she was already so she had to keep fate in the horse.