Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Suddenly the horse turned away and Long Wang could feel the rain drops hit her less often and soon she heard bird songs too and she knew she was a forest now. Now she only needed to make the soldiers back off so she tried to think but changes in the wind made her know that swords were trying to strike her down and in a last second she moved away and heard the soldiers complaining about their missed changed and she knew it was her chance to get away so she held tight around the horse and commanded it to go faster and it started to pick up speed and she got farther and farther away from the noisy soldiers which made her smile again but just as she felt she had escaped the dangers and turned her back against her. Before she knew it she were on the muddy ground trying to breathe and figure out what was up and down. Her mind was all gone except for the word “failure” as she knew that if she did not get away now she would be killed by the soldiers and she would have failed her family. Tired and confused she started to hold herself together and accept her fate as she could hear the soldiers on their horses coming closer and how they were started to laugh loudly when they watched her laying they. Ling Wang tried to find the sword she had been holding seconds before the accident but it was nowhere to be found in the mud and instead she started to scream loudly when her hands touched the horse head which was a mess too after it had taken much of the damage. Ling Wang could heard the soldiers stepping on their horses and soon a sword was pushed against the rocks and her broken clothes held her from moving any further. She tried to break free but it just showed more and more of her bare skin and broken body which turned the soldiers more and more wild and they started to play with her in circles. The accident had made them know that she were blind and that she had no clues about her surroundings. Suddenly another horse was heard and Ling Wang feared that it was some leader who wanted to be her first so she gathered her last strength and run against one of the soldiers trying to get a grip of a sword or something she could end her life with but she almost blacked out going halfway there so she gave up and stopped move her body at all. But suddenly a calm gentle voice where heard “who owns this medallion?” Ling Wang was too tired to answer but tried anyway and the voice replied “is this true soldiers?” The soldiers looked at themselves and the old man who stood there unarmed with the medallion and without answering started to move closer to the old man who yelled but still calm “I am here to help you Ling Wang, don’t give up” Ling Wang tried to reply but her body was way to broken and tired so everything turned black and all the body hit the muddy ground with a splash. “Now you are all alone, old man” a solider yelled with a raised sword which the old man just closed his eyes and replied with a shaking head “no you are alone”