Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Suddenly a hand took a hard grasp in her shoulder and moved her away quickly before speaking “Your mom is so worried for you, let us get you home now” Ling Wang new the voice as the oldest of her family servants who always somehow knew where to find her when she needed him. Ling Wang was about to tell about the dead of the other servant and how she had frozen so she not was able to move more but he had a magic touch on her as she could feel her legs again and they started to move as fast they could between the scared people who was still screaming and yelling. Ling Wang worried that they were going to get separated or worse killed like the former servant but nothing bad happened to them and soon they were home. As they got to the gate to the grounds, Ling Wang could hear a horse whinny and she knew something was going to happen but before she could call her mother Lan Wang, she got a big hug and the smells coming from the person could only be her mother. Tears started to rub down her cheeks like small waterfalls while no voice could tell her story and when finally her voice was about to return, a hand just covered it and Lan Wang replied “I know, Cherry, I love you too” they continue to hug until the servant who had transported her there broke in “it is time, my lady” Ling Wang could feel her mother slowly releasing her hug which she did not understand as they were together now so she tried to hold tight but as they were spilt her tears broke out again. Ling Wang could feel her mother’s fingers cleaning her eyes form tears before speaking “I know it is hard for you to understand but you are the lightest of us so you need to be the one who travels to the emperor’s palace and warns the emperor of the attack” the line was long enough for Ling Wang to have a million questions about anything from but when she was about to open her mouth her mother just put a finger on it and she knew there were no time to arguing or answers so she just nodded and tried to look proud like her father had wanted her to be.