Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Back at Ling Wang the weather had been changing between heavy rain and light rain a few times so she was started to be a bit cold but she did not want to leave as she was sure here father was on the way home and soon would be here so they could walk together back to her mom. She went to the nearby tree to rest a bit when she heard some foot steps in the grass but before the person could introduce himself she replied “I am not going home now” and pointed the sword in the direction of the steps. The servant started stuttering “Your mom sent me, to bring you home” Ling Wang removed the sword and stood up and started training again as she expected the servant to go his way again but she did not hear any noise in the grass so she stopped her training again and looked directly in the direction of the servant who still was nervous about the sword but managed to continue speaking “your mom have fallen on the grounds back home so she wants to have you by her side” Ling Wang could feel there was something the servant was hiding from her but she did not mind as she was going to wait her to her father came home as they had agreed on before he left 6 months ago. Nothing was said between them when suddenly a weird sound was heard coming from the sky. Ling Wang could not hear what it was except she knew it was not a bird but before she could ask the servant about it, he had pushed and landed on top of her which was about to make her very angry but before she could yell a hand covered her mouth. “We need to leave now, the sound you just heard was an arrow” Ling Wang could feel herself slowly started to freeze so she could not move at all. “Get up now” the servant screamed but no matter how hard she tried she could not move and soon the only thing working was her breathing and tears which had started to form in her eyes. Suddenly she felt a hard grasp in her body as the servant had decided that he had to carry her back home. Soon she was on the back on the servant who started to move fast in the wet grass and muddy ground which made it all harder. As they came closer to the town Ling Wang could hear that the town had come to life she had been away and she heard a happy voice yelling “The men are home” over and over again and she try to make the servant stop even she knew inside that it was not her father and the men who was coming home. Suddenly the happy voice changed to screams as the sky started to get filled with the scary sounds of arrows she had heard on the hill not many minutes ago. He could feel the servant started to run in circles like he was trying to avoid them but it was to no avail as suddenly Ling Wang could feel an arrow go between her hairs and hit the servant right in the back and before she could prepare for impact she was in the muddy ground. “Servant, servant” she screamed but only screams of scared people returned which froze her even more to ice as she had no idea of where in the town she was so there were no way to escape or get home.