Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Xiao Wang felt the pain from the wound coming back as he returned to reality but he had no plans of giving up but he knew he had to act quick or the wound would make him lose and died perhaps. He looked at the evil lord and there was something about him that he remembered from a fight he and his master Jiahao Wang have had against a younger man. But he could not remember who and what was so special about the man or the fight so he focused on the present instead and started attacking again with his fresh sword arm while the wounded arm could relax with the shield. The evil lord just laughed at him and defended like he had done so far like it was him who was waiting for something. “You are never going to breach my defences, boy” he yelled and threw his shield away so he was only holding his sword in his hands. Xiao Chang could feel the pain in his wounded arm grow and knew that he dropped his shield too, the pain would ease and he would be able to attack harder so without answering the lord, he threw his own shield too and the fight turned into a pure sword fight. Xiao Wang could feel the power grow in him so he attacked quickly and hard which surprised the evil lord who tried to block with his sword but he was a second too slow and he was hit right under his left eye so he could taste blood in his mouth. “You are going to pay for this and you attack on my wife” the evil lord yell loud before spitting out some blood. it gave a set in Xiao Wang as now he knew where he had seen the man before and he was certain he knew who the man was. “You are…” he held a break to remember the name “You are… Shi Chen, the emperor’s brother who tried to take the power form him many years ago when your father picked him over you even you are the oldest of his sons” he answered with a bit of fear in his voice as he remembered that the only reason that he and his master Jiahao Wang had won years ago was because that they by accident had killed his wife as she had stepped in front of his attack to protect Shi Chen. “Yes, that is me and the three young generals on horses behind me are my children who watched you kill her” Shi Chen yell even louder before spitting out some blood again. “I have been training every since to revenge her for my kids and myself” he continued and wanted to say more but Xiao Wang blocked him and replied “No, she stepped in the way so there were nothing I could do prevent the accident” the words had just left his mouth when the three kids on horses yelled in one voice “Liar, killing him, kill him now father” Shi Chen looked at his kids for a second and replied with strength in his voice “I will, my dear kids, this boy won’t be found anywhere on this earth when I am done with him” and as he was done speaking the fight changed from being boring and slow fight with mostly Xiao Wang attacking to a fight as equals. The swords started to clank against each other and started to sound like a small thunder cloud. The rain was still falling heavy over the men and the ground was soon a muddy mess by all the movements in the rain. “You are going to die now, boy” Shi Chen yelled loud and attack with heavy power that Xiao Wang had to block the attack with both hands and to his surprise he managed to block so hard that Shi Chen lost control of his sword as it flew out of his hand and landed into a tree a few meters back. “Give me a new one” Shi Chen yelled loud but no one moved a muscle so Xiao Wang did not waste time to attack but Shi Chen was faster and soon back at the tree to get his sword again while yelling courses at his men and children who was not giving him a sword when he yelled for one. The swords started to clank again and soon the sky started to send lightnings across the sky again to give a bit of light while the thunder gave a bit of music. Xiao Wang felt he had the upper hand after he had been able to block the attack before so he started to fight harder without losing his focus. Shi Chen was still mad and had lost a bit of his focus on the fight but still he was the one who got the next strike at his opponent. “Got you now” he yelled and cut a mark in Xiao Wang’s left leg which was luckily for Xiao Wang was not deep enough to give problems but still the pain was there. They had been moving around in the circle lots of times and at the moment they were standing with their backs against the enemy. Suddenly an attack made a sword flew again and again it was Shi Chen who was defenceless and this time Xiao Wang got the upper hand as he ran to get the sword before Shi Chen could get it. He pointed both swords at Shi Chen like he was going to attack him and he charged against Shi Chen who could do nothing but just as the sword was about to reach him, Xiao Wang stopped and replied “Do you give up, my lord?” Shi Chen was surprised that Xiao Wang had stopped his attack so he could not answer but started to walk away from the swords and to the part of the circle where his men stood. Xiao Wang could see that Shi Chen was thinking so he looked at his men and held the two swords up like he was the winner which made the men scream louder than the rain and thunders together. He then turned his face and the swords against Shi Chen again “So do you give up, my lord?” He repeated and Shi Chen was opening his mouth to say something but instead his mouth filled with blood and he fell to his knees. Xiao Wang started to ran over to his opponent but only managed to take a few steps before he could feel something cold growing from his back and as his arms hit the area, he knew what had happen. He had been hit by an arrow and as he looked over at Shi Chen, he could see him lying dead on the muddy ground, also was hit which made no sense at all before suddenly a young laughing voice replied “Did you really think, we would let you live, killer” he tried to look up to see who was carrying the voice but the pain were too hard so he ended down in the muddy ground. A foot landed next to his face and some hands removed the arrow and turned him around so he could see the killer but it confused him even more as it was one of the kids. “You might be stronger than our weak father, but we have not waited 15 years of our lives to watched you get away again” Xiao Wang wanted to say something but his mouth was full of blood and mud so nothing except the air escaped. “We know it is weird that we killed our father too but we blame him just as much as you for the lose of her mother and now we will conquer the country which would be rightful ours” screams started to fill the forest and Xiao Wang knew what was happening and tried to dream away to his last time with the girls of his life but like the father did not want him to dream neither did the kid holding his life. “Don’t you dare dream away now, before knowing that we will take good care of your family by raping them again and again before burning them together with the town that betrayed my family” Xiao Wang closed his eyes knowing his time had come to an end but instead of just getting killed he was just putted down on the ground again. He thought he had died as the sounds around him was left to rain but the rain drops told him otherwise so he tried to open his eyes again but just as his eyes opened and watched the dark grey sky a face appeared laughing with no sound at all before the face turned serious and a knife appeared before he soon felt the cold again and this time he knew he was going to leave the living but he felt a power growing in his hand and he knew he had last attempt to help the people he were going to leave behind so he took a hard grip in the knife which had entered his chest and forced the hands holding it against the user instead and the face which had been laughing had changed from it seriously to a worried face before it started to scream but before he could know how much harm he had done, a sword appeared above his head and killed him instantly. “That stupid animal” an angry voice yelled loud while two others voices was laughing. A female voice replied “I told you to kill him instead of play with him, brother” The brother raised from the dead body of Xiao Wang and pulled out the knife from his side like it was nothing before yelled “Medic” and a man came running from the army and started to look at the wound. “You will be fine, my lord” he managed to say before man took the knife and killed the medic instantly while replied “But you will not” making a few of the soldiers watching not know what they should do about themselves before an other man yelled “Soldiers attack the town Jiudu, and I don’t want anyone to leave the place alive except for the general’s wife” just as his commands had lift his mouth screams was hears from the many soldiers. He looks at his brother and replied “Get your mess fixed in my tent Gang Chen, we need to plan this right so no one will escape our revenge so you dear sister Ning Chen, please join us too” they look at their brother before nodding in one movement.