Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
The soldiers around him started to yelled louder to make the evil warlord’s army sound like nothing even it was way bigger and that they knew their leader was their only chance of getting out of the town alive. The other lord entered the circle and all turned quiet except for the rain against the leafs and ground which slowly got more and more muddy. The man raised his sword high as a lightning ran fast over the sky and followed by a loud thunder behind it. Xiao Wang could see that there already was blood on the sword but he knew that he had not been attacked yet but before he could clean his mind the other lord yelled “Are you afraid of me, boy?” With a ice cold voice which made the rain feel like ice for a second. Xiao Wang wanted to yelled no but again before he could do anything the lord yelled again “Take a look at those heads” and without warning two head flew though the air from the side of the warlord and landed in front of Xiao Wang who almost turned into ice. Only his breath showed he was still there and the fear in his eyes had turned him into a easy target but the lord did not strike yet and just yelled again “Care to tell who the heads are to those who cannot see them, boy” Xiao Wang tried to open his mouth but no voice escaped so the lord just laughed loud and continued “Did you lose your tongue, boy?” Xiao Wang could feel the hate start to grow inside him because of the dead men and the lord’s way of calling him boy all the time even he was a grown older man. “Stop calling me boy” he suddenly yelled and ran against the lord with his full power but as he was about to strike the lord just moved his sword from the sky to the middle ground and blocked his attack like it was nothing and laughed again “Well boy, you was not an ice cube after all and when you does not want to tell it, then those heads are the two men, you tried to send away to the emperor, while you was going to fight me to give the emperor a chance” he held a break and then yelled again “Is that not right, boy?” Xiao Wang was worried what his soldiers reaction would be if or rather when he would answer. “Yes, it is true” he yelled loud making sure the whole forrest heard it “But that does not change my plans of killing you anyway” and then he used the blocked attack to gain more power and attack again which this time surprised the evil lord a bit but still he managed to block the attack.