Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
In the meantime in a forest not far from there things look very differently and far less good that it did at Ling Wangs place as here her father. Xiao Wang is preparing for might be his most important fight every as he is all that stands between a evil warlord and the road though Jingdu to the emperor’s palace in Beijing. So far he have kept them at bay by agreeing to a fight between him and the warlord while he has in secret sent away some of his men to warn the town and the emperor about the imminent danger so they maybe can save the town before his fight will be over. The rain is falling down like arrows hitting anything in it’s path and the impact looks like blood and lightnings is the only light in the sky. Xiao Wang puts his helmet on and take a shield in one hand and a sword in the other and starts walked between his men who yells louder and louder as crosses the path of more people before he exits the forest and goes into an small circle formed opening where on the other side also is noises coming form the evil warlord’s army