Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
She walked from house to house trying to avoid as many people as possible before she exited the town before almost running the last way. As she got to the hill with a small tree outside the town, she could feel that the wind had taken the warmth from the sun and that it sooner or later would start to rain but she did not mind it at all. She started to swing her sword and soon her favorite noise came, the rain against the rocks around her and she focused for a second before she pointed the edge of the sword to the west and as she was stretched to her limit without taking a step the first drop hit the edge of the blade before millions followed and soon she was wet every place of her body and she started to dance with the sword like it was a dance partner and the rain was the music they were dancing too. Soon the wind joined the music too so the rain drops was harder to heard but still there plus they did not land as simple as before. It gave a set in her when a mighty thunder roared in the sky above her as she was used to that thunder came before rain but the lightnings started to cut thought the rain drops like her sword. She was not scared of the thunder so she just continued her training like she had planed it while waiting for her father.