Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
The sun raised up behind the mountains as it had done many times and nothing in it’s light knew what groundbreaking day it would so the birds was singing and the sun was all alone on the sky. Ling Wang woke up as she felt the warmth hit her but she did not look out of the windows like many others would have done on this beautiful day as she was blind and even she liked the warmth form the sun, she preferred the rain as the drops of rain made her feel far more alive. Ling Wang got dressed which was a new thing for her as normally she would have been getting help from the servants of the family but lately she have been having more feelings with herself and had learned to get dressed by herself. It had started after the day her father, general of the north, Xiao Wang and the other men had left the town to go out training themselves where she had found herself in her parents room which was normal even for her but a power she could not described had forced her hands to open the doors of her father’s closet where she have found a sword she did not knew about even that her father had told her about his swords and other weapons before. As she had touched it a power had filled her body with energy and she had gotten the feeling that she wanted to train with it even she had never done anything like that before. The first days she had cut herself and she had to make up stories so the servants and her mother did not know that she was training with a sword as her mother was very scared of weapons as they had once made a great friend lose his wife in the hands of an evil man. This was one of the reason the men was always somewhere else to train instead of the town as Xiao Wang wanted to keep her from the nightmares that followed the weapons. This was why Ling Wang also was confused on why the sword had been in her father’s closet and why she did not know about it. Ling Wang took the sword from under her bed as she had prepared herself and then slowly she started to sneak out to her favourite place where she hoped her father would find her first so he could she how good she have become with a sword on her own.