The Blind Girl – Chapter 1 – The Girl Part 4

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
He opened the door slowly as he expected her to be watching fireworks again but the room was all dark except for the light from the hall. He could see that Ning Wang was already in bed and that she wear looking away like she did not want to talk at all. “Are you asleep already?” he tried with a gentle voice while looking at her but she did not move so he closed the door and walked over to her bed and knelled in front of it. “I am sorry I yelled at you, but you know it was past your bedtime” he tried and this time she moved around and with a sad look she answered “I am sorry that I wanted to see the fireworks so much” a moment of silence followed before they gave each other a hug which made Ning Wang smile again. “Will you tell a bedtime story?” she asked with a interested voice and Jiahao Wang just nodded and stood up from his kneeling position and removed the curtains so the fireworks entered the room and Ning Wang used the chance to get out of bed and run over to get her favorite book and toy so she could enjoy the story. But Jiahao Wang smiled and shaked his head gentle while removing the book from her hand. “I know it is your favorite but today I will tell you another story” Ning Wang turned a bit sad as she had hoped she could her about princesses and dragon’s and was about to complain about it but keep quiet as she did not want her grandfather to become more angry tonight even it had been her fault. Jiahao Wang could see that her eyes was sad over that he would not read that one so instead he walked out of the door “Just a minute” he said as he left the room and soon he was back with the old case form earlier and continued “I know you love the book very much but I felt it was time to tell you a real story instead of all that fantasy” He wanted to say more but could see how Ning Wang’s eyes got more and more focused on the old case he had in his hand so he cut the story short and continued “I did not plan for you to see this before in long time, but here is a sword which have been in our family for as long as the moon have been in the sky” Ning Wang did not listen at all as she watched the sword but still managed to be able to think and ask a question “Is the story about this sword, grandfather?” Jiahao Wang laughed because he knew his grand daughter was not stupid at all but still so he just replied “Yes, but first you need to know the backstory and let me warn you, it is stories for little girls even I will do my best to tell it gentle to you, then you can always get the bad version later” Ning Wang did not care as she was used to hear stories about dragons and heroes so why would this be any different. “Am I in the story grandfather?” she asked gentle as she tried to figure out what the story was about without spoiling the story and Jiahao Wang looked at her with seriously eyes as he was worried about something which made her quickly replied her own answer “I am sorry, grandfather” which made Jiahao Wang get his happy look back while he replied “I don’t know sweety… let us see” and the he pretented to read a page in a book before he replied “No, you are not but let us call the hero in this book for Ling Wang just so we feel we are family” before he could finish Ning Wang already had a new question “Who is she?” Jiahao smiled again as big rocket explode in the window almost turning the whole room red with its power before he answered “She is the hero as I said and she is a blind girl” Ning Wang broke in again and asked “Why is she blind grandfather?” Jiahao Wang replied quickly “I am sure the story will tell you why so please no more questions now so I can tell you the story” A new rocket exploded behind them this time it turned the room green and Ning Wang smiled before nodding and answered “Yeah tell the story grandfather” like she was the one waiting for him to get ready while she had been the one distruping the story. Jiahao Wang took the sword and put it in it’s case again so no one would become cut from it and then he took her at his lap with her blanket around them and watched the fireworks for a second before he prepreade his voice and started “Our story begins in a small town Jiudu which is not far from Beijing in China, here lived a young girl named Ling Wang with her parents, the famous general Xiao Chang who had helped the emperor many times and ways and in returned had gotten premisson to marry Lan Wang the emperor’s favorite concubine…”

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