The Blind Girl – Chapter 1 – The Girl Part 2

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
Ning Wang turned against her grandfather and looked at him before turning back to the fireworks and did not mind it was past her bedtime now. Jiahao Wang looked at the clock before he with a certain dry voice announced “it is time for bed young lady” while he took a step closer to her as the words left his mouth but as he was about to put his hand on her she just turned around and looked at him with the biggest eyes ever begging to stay and watch the fireworks but he just shaked his head like it was nothing. He was about to take a hard grasp in her but by the time he reached the point of his body she had disappeared and left the room. He smiled to himself without laughing to make sure she did not hear him and then yelled with a big higher power “Brush your teeth now and you can watch the fireworks from your bed until you fall asleep” he started to walk back to the door and heard the door to the bathroom open and the toothbrush start running. He had still had some power over her and walked to the bathroom door to talk about the rules around here but the bathroom was empty with the toothbrush running like crazy and it had spit the toothpaste anywhere. He was a bit annoyed now and yelled even louder than before “Ning Wang, come here now” some fast steps was hear and a door was opened and closed before some small tiny quiet steps came closer to the bathroom before a sadly face appeared and replied “Sorry grandfather, I just wanted to see the fireworks so badly” Ning Wang had almost tears in eyes to show how sad she was but Jiahao just keep his hard style and with a commanding voice replies “No more fireworks before this mess is cleaned and your teeth is white is like stars”

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