The Blind Girl – Chapter 1 – The Girl Part 1

Book 1 – The Blind Girl Cover
There are many types of stories, some are well known, others have turned into fairy tales, which again have turned into legends while others died out and gets forgotten again. Let me ask you this? Does stories have to being told between people for a million times to become legends or be hundreds of years old. I don’t know your answer, but this story will be my answer as this story took place just as much in the past as in our time, so for me it is one of those stories which maybe are told to people, but not remembered as a story as it doesn’t grow big but I still feel it is a story which needs to be told so let’s begin at the beginning.
The sun had gone to bed so the sky should’ve been dark, but the moon was full giving, it is light to the people on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan together with the stars, but they were not alone on the sky as hundreds of sky flowers colored the sky in millions of colors like it was daylight. Rockets flew to the sky before ending with a big bang and spread out red balls of light together with the smaller but still powerful batteries. People were celebrating New Year’s Eve like there was no tomorrow and in every apartment and house their was a party, except for Ning Wang’s apartment even she had done her best to make it a party, her grandfather had already told her to go to bed even it was only 8.57pm. She looked at the clock and counted down to 9pm as she knew she was not going to stay up all the way to 12am like all the others. A door opened up behind her and the light from the hall entered the room and the shadow of an old man followed. The old man was her grandfather, Jiahao Wang and she had been living with him for as long she could remember and when she tried to ask about her parents or other family she had just been told the hard truth. They were all killed in an accident, a car accident if she remembered right. “I am 8 years old now, I wanna watch the fireworks all night, ” she yelled with a begging sweet voice which left her grandfather standing in the door speechless and just watch the fireworks in the windows behind her. “She is like her mother when she was at that age, never going to bed…” his thought was interrupted by heavy the heavy bell from the clock telling the time had passed 9pm and time for bed for Ning Wang.

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